Drift Casino cashback

Cashback bonus | 27.04.2018
Drift Casino cashback
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Each online casino player, who plays for real money, always considers the idea to get a refund of money lost in video slots and other gambling games. Some players consider this sheer fantasy; however, in reality, you can benefit from such offers to the fullest. In online gambling industry the refund of lost bets is called cashback.

Drift Casino - a popular gambling facility with high ratings - offers its clients a partial refund of money lost on games, which can range from 2% to 12%. The percentage and frequency depend on the players' VIP status as well as the sum of lost funds. Despite the fact that the return is partial, it may significantly sweeten the pot after severe losses.

Partial refund of the lost money from Drift Casino

First and foremost, it should be mentioned that each player gets loyalty points and reach certain VIP-levels, when gambling at Drift Casino for real money. These particular VIP-levels define the size and frequency of your cashback:

  • Driver - 2% a month
  • Street Racer - 4% a month
  • Gold Racer - 5% a month
  • Platinum Racer - 10% once in 15 days
  • Dark Racer - 12% once a week

If you wish to start getting cahsback from Drift Casino, all you need is to play gambling games for real money on a regular basis and also have at least $0.03 on your account. Remember, that you won’t be getting any loyalty points for playing games in demo modes. The formula for the cashback is the following:

(the sum of deposits - the sum of payouts - bonus money) x cashback percentage

Thus, for example, if you have Dark Racer level and have made: deposits in the amount of $100 with 35% bonus ($35 in bonus money) and withdrawals in the amount of $20 for the past week, your cashback will be equal to:

(100 - 20 - 35) x 0,12 = $5,4

So, keeping this formula in mind, you can regularly play at Drift Casino without any additional deposits. Can you imagine anything better than this?

Drift Casino cashback - how to clear?

By the way, this is not the end for the good news today. The thing is that there’re no wagering requirements applied to Drift Casino cashback (wager = x0). As the result, all your money obtained through cashback can be spent the way you want.

Bonus details

Casino: Drift Casino
Bonus type: Cashback bonus
Bonus size: up to 12%
Wager: x0
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