The woman from Norway won about $120.000 in online casinos but will not receive the money

The woman from Norway won about $120.000 in online casinos but will not receive the money

Big online casino winnings happen quite often, but sometimes winners are not able to get their money because of marginal error of the player or the gaming software. The story of Norwegian Nina Larsen Kvam confirms it perfectly.

The girl wanted to have fun in one November evening and in the end of the month she visited Spillautomater - the Norwegian online casino. 25-year-old Norwegian didn’t suspect that the online slot she chose was a new one, just announced on November, 20th by the Lightning Box Games Company.

After making the deposit of 300 Norwegian Krones the girl was playing at the slot winning some and losing some until she got mega-combination which allowed her to win 842.000 KR. The sum was huge and equivalent to $118.163. Nina was above the moon happy as you don’t win so much very often. The most interesting stuff begins here.

The Norwegian was instantly logged off from the account and after an attempt to re-login to her account, she found out it was blocked and the support team members didn’t respond. After some time she was able to get an explanation of what’s going on from the manager of the casino. According to his words, there was a failure in software of the new slot, and because of that Nina Larsen Kvam was able to win that big money. Certainly, Nina wasn’t going to let her luck slip away from her hands and the respond seemed like a dull excuse to not to pay her money that she won fair and square. She contacted the casino management and the director confirmed the slot malfunction, offering Nina the deal of paying out 30.000 KR ($4.210).

To not get the information leak and save the reputation of online casino, they asked her to sign the non-disclosure agreement; that was the main condition of paying put the compensation money. Norwegian had no choice but hire a lawyer file a claim to the court.

Spillautomater management realized that situation won’t be resolved quietly and made a respond quoting the rules: 'In case of technical error of software malfunction in any game, the casino reserves the right to annul the player’s winnings on the erratic slot and the balance will be returned to the initial'.

Casino also confirmed the information about Lightning Box Games Company giving them the information about possible malfunctions and errors in the slot couple of days after its release and Nina Larsen Kvam’s win happened just the day slot was going to be removed from the casino web site.

The court haven’t yet decided on the matter, but Nina Kvam won’t stop and will defend her rights on the win not just in court but also in Malta gambling commission which licensed Spillautomater Casino.

The moral of the story is the following - if you want to get the winnings of any money, play only in reliable online casinos.