Aristocrat Technologies/Aristocrat Gaming general information

Australian company Aristocrat Technologies (Aristocrat Gaming or Aristocrat Leisure Limited) alongside with IGT are one of the largest developers of slot machines for land based casinos. It has such a success thanks to over 60 years of experience in business and professionalism of the employees.

Thousands of gambling enthusiasts from over 90 countries of the world, where the production of Aristocrat Technologies is presented, are spinning the reels of games created by this company on a day-to-day basis. It should be noted that currently Aristocrat Technologies has more than 3,000 employees who contribute to the creation of new games that combines not only an excellent graphic component, great bonuses, but innovative solutions as well. The representative offices of the company are located in several states of Northern America, the United Kingdom, Japan, Macao, Peru, Mexico, India and many other countries. Aristocrat Leisure Limited holds licenses in 240 jurisdictions.

Comparatively recently the company entered online gambling market by “transferring” its most successful slot machines to the cyberspace. At the moment, the portfolio of the company has slightly more than 20 video slots, however in the future it is possible that Aristocrat will gain momentum and become one of the most successful online casino software suppliers.

History of the company Aristocrat Technologies

Aristocrat Technologies Company was founded in 1953 in Australia by Len Ainsworth. Despite the fact some time later Ainsworth got chairman seat in the company Ainsworth Game Technology, which was also engaged in the gambling business, he didn’t quit his darling: his family still owes significant number of shares of the company.

The first video slot by Aristocrat Gaming was released in 1956. The developers made a splash by releasing multi-line slot machine named The Clubmaster, which had Scatter symbols and a bonus game. At the same time, the government of New South Wales (Australia) legalized slot machines, which enabled the Aristocrat to increase production. By 1958, the company released two more slot machines - Slimline and Sheerline, that allowed Aristocrat take significant part of the Australian gambling market.

It should be noted that the first slot machines by Aristocrat Technologies were pretty straightforward, that is not surprising, though as the technologies were just developing back then. The games had a small number of symbols, and the RTP numbers were pretty small. But at the time it was enough scratch an itches of gambling enthusiasts. Inspired by the results of its first developments, company management started to expand the range of the products, steadily improving improving the quality of slot machines and other games.

In 1960s the company supplied a big number of slots to the world center of gambling industry - Las Vegas. At the same time Aristocrat started supplying first slots to Europe, that allows taking over this market as well. In 1963, the company released two more slot machines: The Aristocrat Nevada in 1961 and Grosvenor in 1963.

In 1965, Aristocrat released the first fully electronic video slot with no mechanical parts. It had five reels, electronic credit meter and was called Moon Money.

In 1979, the first 5-reel gaming video slot was released. It had howling success among the players around the world as it was, in a manner of speaking, revolutionary. This was also fully electronic slot machine titled Wild West.

In 1980, Aristocrat opened office in London and launched Aristocrat Australia Systems - the company which started developing of Casino management system.

In 1987, the company opened representational office in New Zealand.

1980 is the era of fundamental changes in the industry of video slots development. During these years Aristocrat Technologies released a series of popular slot machines named Microstar. These slot machines had gaming technologies that are still used by manufacturers. Thus, in the period from 1982 to 1983 virtual reels were developed and implemented. This is very important milestone in the history of development of video slots, and Aristocrat Technologies developers took hands in these events. Three- and five-reeled video slots had limited number of outcomes till them; that meant the payouts were rather low. Electronic gaming systems inception allowed certain symbols to have more high significancy than others, that, in turn, increased the number of times they could appear on the gaming slot.

In 1996, the shares of Aristocrat Leisure Limited (ALL) became listed on the Australian stock exchange.

In 2000, the Australian developer got a license in Nevada. That same year the company cooperated with Sammy Corporation to purchase Casino Data Systems for future business expansion. Soon after that Aristocrat bought out Sammy Corporation.

In 2010-2011, Aristocrat entered online gambling games market and started the development of video slots for real money online casinos.

In 2013, Aristocrat Technologies acquired the developer of mobile apps and slots for online casinos - Product Madness company, that gave an excellent opportunity to monetize all the developments made for land-based casinos on online gambling market. That year Heart of Vegas game was released, which instantly became a hit in social casinos.

2014 was marked by adding to the portfolio of Aristocrat Gaming more than a hundred of new games, some of which was instantly noticed by casino enthusiasts and professionals of the industry. So, Buffalo Stampede™ game turned out to be the most required game on the North American market (according to Goldman Sachs’ poll), the Walking Dead™ video slot received the “The product of the year” award at annual Global Gaming Awards ceremony, and 5 Dragons Legends™ was awarded as the best slot machine at G2E Asia 2014. At the same time Aristocrat Technologies acquired Video Gaming Technologies (VGT) company. The deal strengthened positions of the company on North American market.

In 2015, popular game Heart of Vegas™ was adapted for mobile devices on iPhone and Android and some new games were released, including Game of Thrones™, Big Bang Theory™, Sons of Anarchy™ and Lightening Link™.

Aristocrat Gaming - games and their specialties

Aristocrat Gaming developments are based on special digital networks, via which, in turn, one can manage all the developments of the company. More to that, the company also develops computerized table and card games. It should also be noted that Aristocrat also has their developments in jackpot games industry, which are implemented in some games. The most famous of them is Hyperlink jackpot system. The point here is very simple: many different slots have common jackpot system and this allows increasing the size of the jackpot very fast. As a rule, this system includes 4 to 12 slots, but theoretically, the one jackpot system may contain up to 256 different slots.

As we’ve mentioned earlier, portfolio of games by Arictocrat for online casinos contains just about 20 video slots, but every one of them is a piece of art. While playing slots of these supplier, one can see that the developers couldn't have tried harder and used their experience of creating land-based slot machines to produce a truly unique titles for sophisticated iGaming users.

First and foremost the slots based on famous movies and TV series should be noted. Among them are The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones, The Big Bang and Batman. They will appeal primarily to fans of these movies as they will be able to meet their favorite heroes as images on the reels of the slots.

The Australian company also offers video slot for Britney Spears fans and other equally interesting slots which are able to make a conquest of every user who runs them.

It is worth noting that return percentage of the slots reaches 97%, that is quite high, so that means that Aristocrat slots are not just bright and interesting, but also profitable.

Most of the online slots by Aristocrat Gaming are 5-reel slots with different number of pay lines (as a rule, there are no more than 20 of them) and free spins.

Speaking about slots, it is also worth noting a few interesting developments of the company. The first of them is Reel Power system that is used in slots creation. The gist of this system is that players bet not on the lines, but on the whole reels. The second one is Drag & Drop Wild function, the essence of which is that the players are able to change wild symbol’s position on the reels the way they want in bonus games to win big.

Aristocrat Technologies - honesty and safety

Speaking about the honesty and integrity of the games by Aristocrat Gaming, we want to remind that this company has more than 60 years of experience and an excellent reputation, so it’s unreasonable to put it on the line. In addition to that, the company is licensed in several countries, the software and equipment is constantly checked by regulatory authorities. The information is also coded with the help of SSL technology; that helps to protect it from fraudsters. In other words, while playing at Aristocrat slots you can be sure you’re safe.

List of Aristocrat Gaming casinos for real money

Small portfolio of Aristocrat Gaming is presented in small number of online casinos as well. Nevertheless, the games of this developer deserve to be played. Below is the list of online casinos one can play the games by Aristocrat Gaming for real money.

The games by Aristocrat Gaming are not so popular among online gambling lovers, that is why you will not be able to find casino welcome bonuses no deposit required (as well as free spins no deposit required) on the games by Aristocrat Gaming.