Elk Studios - general information

Most of the renowned online casino game developers released about a hundred gaming slots before reaching the top of their popularity. At the same time, each of them is able to brag only about inconspicuous percentage of the total number of games that have managed to won the Internet and become the signature games of the company. However, there is a company that has managed to prove that to win the hearts of thousands of players and be on a par with well-known software suppliers you don’t need to have a huge portfolio of various gaming slots. This company is called Elk Studios.

Elk Studios is a company, which specializes in online slots development and is aimed for quality of the product released, not quantity. Elk Studios is focused only on online gambling market. For the first 4 years of existence its developers created just 8 gaming slots (in the period from 2012 to the end of 2016), but each of them can be called a piece of art.

One gets the feeling that the air at Scandinavia is saturated with some specific creative and hardworking qualities. Consider: there are the head offices of such developers of online casino games as Net Entertainment, Play’n Go and Yggdrasil Gaming, and Elk Studios as well at Sweden.

Elk Studios software supplier was founded in Sweden in 2012 and by the beginning of 2017 it has just 9 (nine) video slots in its game suit.

Despite the poor choice of games in the Elk Studio's portfolio, the company carved out a niche in online casino games development industry and doesn’t want to step back. What is the catch of the popularity of Elk Studios? As is argued by developers, the company adheres to the opinion: it’s better to release few games but in a good and workmanlike manner. Really, each of the slots released by Elk Studios has terrific graphics, excellent animation and high-quality sound effects with wide selection of gaming opportunities. The company invests a significant part of funds into attracting talented developers, who help creating the best games. According to the words of Elk Studios representatives, they use math analysis and the newest technologies when creating their games.

Elk Studios - games

The small selection of games ELK Studios currently has is a hallmark of the company. Absolutely all the games, which are currently in the portfolio of this supplier are video slots with excellent graphics and animation, adapted for touch screens of mobile devices.

As of the end of 2016, Elk Studios had just 9 (nine) gaming slots: Bloopers, DJ WÏLD, Taco Brothers, Taco Brothers Saving Christmas, Wild Toro, Electric SAM, The Lab, Champions Goal and Poltava. Each of them has its own story as the company puts in, modern gamblers are tired of spinning the slots of the same type. Here is no video slots with banal characters and hackneyed themes: only unique characters and stories. You can simply read short description of themes of some of Elk Studios video slots to understand that they are vastly different from each other.

  • Bloopers - gaming slot based on the reverse side of Hollywood. In other words, it tells of people on the other side of the camera while shooting movies.
  • DJ Wild - gaming slot that allows user feel himself a real DJ. Thanks to famous soundtrack, which is a background music during the spins, player is able to feel atmosphere of a real club.
  • Taco Brothers - video slot dedicated to the confabulation of Mexican people rebellion under the leadership of Taco Brothers.
  • Champions Goal - gaming slot with football theme. User is between two cops full of fans, who use fireworks and firecrackers, shout and rejoice the victory of the team.
  • Electric Sam - video slot telling the story of the troll named Sam, who works as an electrician in Troll Wood casino. This slot features classic symbols such as cherries, lemons, melons and plums together with Wild symbols and free spins.
  • The Lab - is a slot game devoted entirely to chemistry. As it becomes clear from the title of the game, the action in the game happens in the laboratory, and is accompanied with different experiments and chemical processes.
  • Poltava - is a slot dedicated to the famous battle of Peter I with Swedish army. According to developers’ idea player is in the thick of things trying to change the course of a protracted military campaign. Players receive rewards for successful activities both in main mode and during bonus rounds as well.

You can test the games by Elk Studios for free in demo modes of the games. You're probably unlikely to find free spins no deposit web sites with offers on Elk Studios video slots.

Games by ELK Studios for mobile devices

Official web site of the company has some sort of slogan: "We are ELK Studios and we build mobile casino games". All the games by ELK Studios Company are made by the principle “mobile first” - method of developing optimized content for different mobile devices. That’s why all the games are mobile-friendly.

From the very beginning of its work, Elk Studios tried to make emphasis for all games to be launched on mobile devices. Its developers believe that the future of online gambling belongs to the gadgets (i.e. mobile casinos) as more and more users are having fun using mobile technologies. That’s why slots by Elk Studios can be launched not just on usual iOS and Android devices, but also on Blackberry and Windows Phone.

Besides, the developers tried to consider all the specific features of the vast majority of mobile devices used by all the users and tried to do everything they could to force slots by ELK Studios work on models with low-resolution of displays. Moreover the games by Elk Studios do not require a lot of resources and do not 'eat' the batteries of mobile gadgets too fast. Every video slot by ELK Studious has mobile-friendly interface with mobile-friendly control panel.

In other words, the company makes everything it can to be appreciated well as they really deserve it.

Additional functions in games by ELK Studios

Note that ELK Studios video slots have unique functions, which help users increase the chances of winning.

Thus, some slots have a function called Game On. Its essence is that after the player has made 25 spins, he gets an additional free spins bonus. This function can be considered as some kind of a loyalty program.

Betting Strategies in gaming slots by ELK Studios

Online gaming slots developers from ELK Studios tried to make all the possible for users to feel maximum comfort, so they developed a unique feature: implied built-in strategy to make bets. Many players change bet size based on the outcome of previous game play, this can be done automatically at Elk Studios video slots. All the video slots by Elk Studios have in-built function called Betting Strategies. A betting Strategy is a predefined betting pattern which automatically changes the bet level depending on a set of rules. The point of this feature is in that user is able to choose one of 4 (four) strategies to increase chances of winnings. After choosing one of the strategies user doesn’t have to make any actions at all. The game will be running in automatic mode and make bets according to the selected strategy.

All the strategies presented in gaming slots by ELK Studios are developed based on analysis of experience of online casino gaming and have set of features, that increase user’s chances of winnings.

Below you can see the description of all the Betting Strategies in slot machines by ELK Studios:

  • Optimizer - is a bet of a certain % of the current balance.
  • Jumper - involves increasing player’s bet 1 level up after the winning round up to reaching 4th level over the base bet. Comes to default after losing.
  • Leveler - involves increasing player’s bet after 5 consecutive losses. Resets after a win.
  • Booster - after each loss spin the level of the bet increases by one until reaching 4 levels above base bet. This strategy is the most dangerous as bets increase one level after losing and on the fifth level bet is fixed until you win. Resets after a win.

Naturally, we can’t say that at least one of these strategies is 100% profitable as they are presented by the developer itself, but they could be comfy in certain cases.

ELK Studios - safety

All the games from the developers of ELK Studios are safe, honest and licensed. They are regularly tested by independent auditing companies. The company's products has a good rep as despite the small number of games, they are mostly available in reliable online casinos that value their reputation and carefully check added products. Among them are Unibet Casino, RedStar Casino, VideoSlots Casino etc.

List of ELK Studios casinos for real money

Where to find casinos with real money games by ELK Studios? Currently games by this developer can be found in Betsson Casino, Casino Room, Casino-X, Joy Casino, Red Star Casino and other reliable casinos.

Comparing Elk Studios with other developers, this company is far behind in the number game. However, looking at them at least once, it becomes clear that each of the games is a piece of art. This cannot be reached by stamping slots one after another.

Below is the list of ELK Studios online casinos, i.e. casinos where you can play ELK Studios video slots for real money.