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Bonus game Yes
Risk game No
Scatter symbol No
Wild symbol Yes
Progressive jackpot No
Autoplay option Yes
Cascading reels feature No

Dracula video slot by NetEnt - review


The characters of cult novels often survive in writings by contemporary authors, wander from one legendary story or movie to another, resurrect in computer games, absorb new details and change image in general. In all senses, the figure of great Dracula became a livelong legend - a creepy yet mighty Count, who terrifies everyone and lives in a gothic castle somewhere deep in dark Transylvanian woods.

Starting from the 19th century already, the sagas about vampires and werewolves have hold a very special position in world literature and moviemaking. This topic featured in a myriad of masterpieces, which have already become cult classic. “Dracula” by Bram Stocker can be rightly added to the list of such legendary handiworks.

Bram Stocker wasn’t certainly the pioneer of gothic literature, which made vampires its central characters. However, his book had a terrific influence over the promotion of the “vampire legend”. In 20th and 21st centuries the majority of movies and books, featuring this topic, were to a certain degree connected to Bram Stocker novel. The horror movie “Dracula”, based on the same-named novel, was released in 1931 by Universal, is rightly considered to be all-times classics of the world moviemaking industry. In 2000 this movie, was put on the National Film Registry, due to its worthless artistic heritage. And today, Dracula slot machine, which is a kind of movie remake, is the central issue of our todays review.

Dracula video slot was released on April 23, 2015 by Net Entertainment - a famous online casino software developer - together with Universal Pictures Studio - the copyright holder of the Dracula character (as a part of Universal Monsters series of slots). Thanks to its intriguing storyline and generous winnings, Dracula video slot soon became one of the most favored slot machines among those players, who prefer real money game at online casinos.

From the name of the slot machine you can easily guess, who’s the main character of game - Dracula - a notorious great and much-feared Count. For already 120 years this character by Bram Stocker has been heating the imagination of all those people, who have ever seen the same-named book or movie. And today Dracula is coming out full force in this thrilling slot machine. A tall, lean and genteel aristocrat, yet very dark and brooding, who suffers thirst no mere mortal can understand - this is Count Dracula. The animated scenes of the slot machine feature the Count together with his long-lost love and, moreover, you’ll find the other Bram Stocker characters facing each other on the reels.

Moody and dark intro slot machine Universal Monsters Dracula Online Slot™ - NetEnt

This horror story is set in Victorian England. The atmosphere of sleeping London is full of mystery. And thus players are drawn into this fascinating gothic world. During the whole game you will have the sense of reality and effect of being there.

The main features of Dracula slot machine

Dracula online video slot has 5 reels, 3 rows and 40 fixed bet lines with Free Spins, Wild substitutions, stacked symbols, Stacked Wilds and a Bat Feature.

Depending on their tastes, players are allowed to choose the bet size as little as 1 (one) coin or as much as 10 (ten) coins, worth from 1 cent to 1 dollar each. It follows that the range of stakes for each round varies from 20 cents to 200 dollars. Bet line wins pay if in succession from the leftmost reel to the rightmost reel.

The highest possible win for one round can reach up to 80 000 coins.

The payout percentage (RTP) of Dracula slot machine is 96,58%.

Features of Dracula video slot by NetEnt

Dracula slot machine by NetEnt: play for free

NetEnt developers give all players a chance to try this video slot absolutely for free without any registration. In order to do this, you need to launch this slot machine demo-version in any online casino or on the official Net Entertainment web site. In terms of the gaming process, demo-versions are second to none of the real money versions - the same bets, mechanics, graphics and etc. Dracula demo-version is also available on this page of our web site - just press the button “Play for free” to launch the slot machine.

Moreover, some internet casinos are ready to provide their clients with an opportunity to play this slot machines without any deposits but for real money with the help of no deposit bonuses. The list of such bonus offers can be found in the upper part of the page, on the right of games’ demo-versions.

The design (background) and control panel

Dracula slot machine developers have managed to create a true rendition of the atmosphere, described in Bram Stocker book.

The main affair of the game starts right from the launch of the video slot: you’ll see the scene of a young maid running from haunting bets in empty London streets. At a certain point she stumbles, while turning around, and we can see the grimace of fear and despair… this is where the into ends. And next you find yourself in Transylvania - a gloomy chamber of Count Dracula.

A special praise goes to the slot machine’s graphics and animation, which keep up with the most realistic video games. A separate notice should be given to the soundtrack: once you hear it, you’ll understand that this element of the game was very well though-out. Moody, dark and intriguing music together with thrilling sounds will make your heart beat faster and adrenalin rush through veins. By the way, game developers insist on using headphones in order to feel the effect of being. Starting from the intro, you’ll have shivers running up and down. From then on, you’ll wait for the next episode transfixed.

The layout of Dracula video slot is designed in gothic style. Mostly grey and crimson colors prevail in its design. Along the edges of the video slot you’ll see the main character of Bram Stocker novel: on the left you’ll see Count Dracula in person, on the right - his beloved Mina set against the crimson-purple sky involved by storm clouds. Realistic Count Dracula will sit to the left of the reels, tapping, making piercing glimpses at you and waiting for your strong actions. When the winning combination appears on the reels, his face expression turns graver. There’s also an awesome “Bat feature” in the slot machine: after you activate the Count bursts into a cloud of bats will flies across the reels, which is very impressive. Moreover, this feature has the potential to offer you some extra cash both in base and free bonus game.

The official video - Universal Monsters Dracula Online Slot™ - NetEnt

After another great Dracula slot feature - “Free Spins” - the main storyline starts. The Count turns into a storm cloud and rushes to London from his castle in Transilvania, in order to see and touch his maiden - Mina - once again. During the free spins game the couple stays together, but whenever every new round starts, Dracula turns into the flock of bats and then appears near Mina again. And the culmination of the whole story is a snippet of the Count biting his maiden in her neck or falling into the abyss (the result depends on the size of your win). The animation is on the highest level possible, so each online casino user will definitely play an aesthetically pleasing thanks to the featuring scenes.

Some players may think, that the wins in Dracula video slot are very humble, but this drawback is more than outweighed by the huge number of payment lines and winning combinations, so basically, each spin will guarantee wins to players.

The game-play of Dracula slot machine is very user-friendly, especially for those players, who have already played NetEnt slots. The control panel looks like that:

  • There’s huge round button of the manual slot machine launch in the bottom central part of the web site.
  • On the left and on the right of the slot launch button you can see the button “Auto Game”, which determines the number of nonstop spins. There’s another button “Max Bet”, which can get your bet to the maximum in one single click.
  • Next you can see the bet scale and the money scale, which help players decide on the most suitable bet.

In the bottom left-hand corner, players can adjust their game with the help of settings:

  • Quick spin mode on/off - Intro screen on/off
  • Sound effect and ambience sound on/off
  • Graphics quality
  • Spacebar to “spin”
  • Animations on/off

Dracula slot machine by NetEnt - mobile version

We’re not going to dismiss the fact that Dracula slot machine also has its own mobile version. Mobile version is second to none of the desktop version, and considering the fact that you won’t have to stay at your desktops at home or at work in order to play your favorite video slot, mobile version is even more preferable.

Mobile versions of video slots by NetEnt have won the hearts and trust of online casino users all over the world. If you choose playing Dracula slot machine on your tablet or mobile phone, you’ll guaranteedly get a bunch of positive emotions. The reason for that you can enjoy all the benefits and pleasant features of the game whenever and wherever you want, under the condition that you have Internet connection. Millions of players all over the world have already checked out all the advantages of mobile versions of NetEnt titles, so in case you still haven’t tried this game option, you definitely need to do it.

Below you can see the official NetEnt video featuring the gaming process of Dracula slot machine on mobile devices.

The gaming process in Universal Monsters Dracula Online Slot™ by NetEnt on mobile devices

Symbols in Dracula slot machine by NetEnt

Symbols in Dracula slot machine feature playing cards from J to A. They’re designed as a bat behind the shield or as images of Bram Stocker “Dracula” novel. Each winning combination is followed by vibrant animation.

A winning combination is a chain of similar symbols on one of the 40 payment lines, starting from the leftmost reel. A combination of 5 symbols with Dracula and his maiden on one line will guarantee 200 coins, 5 symbols with a lady, drinker of bagger - 60 coins, combination of 5 symbols with cards - 40 coins. Below the review you can see how many coins is symbol is worth.


There’re 2 (two) wild symbols in Dracula slot machine:

Stacked Wild symbol

1. Special Wild symbol is a huge glowing red W that can appear anywhere during the game on the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th reels. The function of the Wild Symbol is to help players to trigger winning combination on one of the payment lines by substituting other symbols.

2. Stacked Wild symbol is a stacked image of Count Dracula and his maiden reunite at last. Stacked Wild Symbol can appear on 2nd reel only, the image of Mina - on 4th reel. In case they both appear in the same round, “Free Spins” feature will be activated. During Free Spins stacked symbols will appear on the 3d reel only. The moment the slot’s reel stops will whether the reel is complete or partial.

Stacked Wild symbols can substitute almost all the symbols in the game. The highest possible winning combination on each bet line is paid according to the pay table. After the reel stops, all the bet symbols, which cover Stacked Wild symbols, disappear and reveal the symbols.

Prize functions and bonus game

Dracula slot machines developers have tried to make their bonus rounds maximum featuring the slot topic in order to make the gaming process even more interesting.

Bat Feature

Bat feature activates randomly in the main game. During free spins this feature activates during each round. Once the Bat Feature is activated, the Count turns into a cloud of bats, which land on the reels and form a cluster of random identical symbols (including the Wild).

Each time you activate this function, the number of bats is decided randomly. The Bat Feature is not only effective, but also offers huge win capabilities. In the base game the number of the bats varies from 4 to 12; however, during Free Spins feature they may reach 20. Thus, if 20 bats land on the slot machine, they cover all the reels.

Free Spins bonus

Free Spins bonus feature

The bonus game in Dracula slot machine takes the Count to Britain, closer to his loved one. Basically, the story line bodes of Free Spins feature from the very moment of their encounter. Free Spins feature gives players 10 free spins at bet identical to the one you used to activate them.

As we’ve already mentioned before “Free Spins” bonus game is launched automatically once a fully visible stacked Dracula symbol on reel 2, and a fully visible stacked Lady symbol appearing simultaneously on reel 4 forming stacked symbols of the Count and his lady land on the third reel.

If their image is complete, you’ll have the chance to substitute any symbol on the reel, providing that there’re 40 payment lines available, which is basically a guarantee of a good win.

Another peculiarity of this feature is the fact that each bonus round activates “Bat” function, we’ve already mentioned before, which triggers your chances to get the maximum prize.

Once you have a complete Stacked Wild - symbol during Free Spins feature, you’ll get twice more free spins, which will be added to the number of your already existing Free Spins. Such symbol can appear on the 3d reel only.

You cannot win any Free Spins, once the “Bet” feature is activated during the base game.


All those people, who are fond of the vampire topic, atmosphere of mystery and horrors, will definitely find Dracula slot machines extremely appealing. We can’t also dismiss the graphics and animation: everything looks extremely realistic and top notch. This slot machine can be rightly considered spectacular and thrilling in regards to the story line: haircurling sounds, animation striking to the marrow - all this will definitely make all the horror-fans return to this slot machine again and again. You will experience the complete spectrum of emotions and have the feeling of something horrible and dangerous yet at the same time very tempting and therefore prohibited. Apart from amazing emotions, Dracula slot machines can guarantee huge prizes to players thanks to a great RTP rate of 96,58%