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Wild symbol Yes
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Fruit Shop: Christmas Edition video slot by NetEnt - review

Fruit Shop Christmas Edition

Long past our childhood, we used to eagerly await for New Year and Christmas holidays to come; counted days left until the morning comes and we could rush to the Christmas tree and open presents and then enjoy the most sophisticated and tasty dinner within a family circle. These memories rejoice the cockles of anybody’s heart and raise a smile. Though we aren’t kids any more, we’re still anticipating for the magic atmosphere to take over the city: everything will be decorated with colorful garlands and all the people will congratulate each other with a smile on their faces and wish merry Christmas and happy New Year. And of course, there are no presents under the X-mas tree anymore and no letters or greeting cards from Santa Claus... but nevertheless, it is plumb pleasant to receive presents. Hence, Net Entertainment company also decided to delight their players and commemorate winter holidays by releasing Christmas-themed video slot just before this special day. Basically, this wasn’t a new game, but the well-received Fruit Shop video slot in a new festive wrappings. Fruit Shop: Christmas Edition by NetEnt became an every-way successful remake of the quality product by famous Swedish software developer.

You can hardly imagine a truly festive table without fresh fruit and berries. But if you want the natural blessings to decorate your holiday table, you need to go to the fruit shop - to choose the most delicious fruit and vegetables for dessert.

The official trailer about Fruit Shop: Christmas Edition video slot by NetEnt

It goes without saying that far from everybody enjoys loud and crowded places, where people swarm from one shop-windows to another. Moreover, waiting at the cashier desk is hell for most people. But if you want to get to the magic Fruit Shop, you don’t have to leave your home and clot around stores - you simply need to launch Fruit Shop: Christmas Edition video slot on your mobile device or computer and immerse into the fantasy atmosphere of childhood. The slot machine can rightly guarantee miracles - lots of winning combinations and bonus features. The new version of the well-loved game has outperformed its predecessor in terms of distinctiveness and vibrancy. But what’s more important, Fruit Shop: Christmas Edition video slot managed to embrace the heritage of the previous version, which created so many devotees and fans.

Well, ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the festively decorated fruit shop; it’s not just a green grocery but a magic place with generous gifts!

Fruit Shop: Christmas Edition - general features

As far as game mechanics and structure are concerned, Christmas edition of Fruit Shop video slot is no way different from the original version: here you will also see a playing field, that consists of 5 (five) reels and 3 (three) symbol rows.

Just as in the original game version, winning combinations are formed within 15 (fifteen) fixed bet lines.

With the help of the control panel players can adjust their bet per spin ranging from $0,15 to $300 or €0,15 to €300 depending on your account currency.

Winning combinations are formed according to a traditional pattern, standard for many video slots: to form a winning combination with a certain value in the paytable, you need to have at least 3 adjacent symbols on the same payline from leftmost to rightmost direction starting from the 1st reel. In case the same single spin results in several winning combinations on one active bet line, only the highest win per active line is paid.

The main features of Fruit Shop: Christmas Edition slot machine by NetEnt

Theoretical Return-to-Player rate remained without any changes; just as in original version, the RTP of Fruit Shop: Christmas Edition slot machine equals to 96,7% of the total bet sum

Fruit Shop: Christmas Edition video slot - play for free

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Fruit Shop: Christmas Edition video slot - design and visual features

If speaking about the visual features of the video slot, it is safe to say that that NetEnt developers and illustrators worked out incredibly well, when creating Christmas version of Fruit Shop slot machine. The team standing behind the video slot managed to recapture the atmosphere of New Year and Christmas holidays just perfectly. Everything in the creation, even the smallest detail, is steeped in the festive mood, starting from Christmas gimcracks on the snow and to finish with the pretty smiling snowman. The color range is mainly white and different gradations of blue, which change player's pace towards calm).

Design of Fruit Shop: Christmas Edition slot machine

So, after you launch the video slot, you’ll be taken to a quiet evening courtyard, where the falling flakes of snow had covered all around: multi-colored rooftops, a beautiful Christmas tree decorated with toys... the scene looks really magic. A pure white snowman dressed in a stylish scarf and hat on the left of the reeland together with New Year decorations scattered around are silent evidence of the local kids' game, picked right before festive dinner. On the other side of the screen, you’ll see a huge X-mas tree, decorated with red ornaments, balls and stars. But the main scene for all the miracles to happen is the huge window of the fruit shop with twinkling colorful fruit. The owner of this splendor is Santa Claus himself. He’s eager to bless everyone with winning combinations and free spins. The roof of the fruit shop is made of red and white stripes and is also adorned with spruce boughs behind the vivid colorful sign “Fruit Shop: Christmas Edition”. The fruit symbols, designed with a distinctive hint of unique and original style, seem to be glassified by Santa Claus and put into ice containers to retain their juicy taste. These symbols will definitely cheer you up with frequent winning combinations.

Separate credits should be given to the sound effects of the slot machine: elaborately picked music and ambient sound with fit the scene on the screen. Once the reels start spinning, you’ll hear the sound of bells ringing - these are the Christmas bells hanging on the collars of Santa’s deer. They’re rushing at full speed to lavish gifts on you in the form of golden coins. The music during the Free Spins round will remind you of the tunes from famous Christmas carols with distinctive bells ringing.

Gaming process at Fruit Shop: Christmas Edition slot machine

Fruit Shop: Christmas Edition video slot - mobile version

Of course, the owners of mobile devices deserve duly consideration: these mobile geeks won’t probably forget about their favorite gadgets even during Christmas and New Year holidays. And thus, NetEnt developers paid attention to their needs and released another video slot within NetEnt Touch Mobile Series entitled Fruit Shop: Christmas Edition. Mobile entertainments fans now can visit the fruit shop on their mobile devices and get rewards for their “fruity” purchases.

The main distinctive feature between the mobile and desktop versions is the adapted and optimized control panel. Some alterations have also touched upon the location of buttons: there’re fewer of them in the mobile version and their size is adjusted to the screen sizes of mobile phones or tablets. The enlarged Spin button was relocated to the center of the screen. All of these things were made for the purpose of making the gaming process on mobile devices equally interesting and entertaining.

Mobile version of Fruit Shop: Christmas Edition video slot

Fruit Shop: Christmas Edition video slot - the collection of symbols

Given the fruit theme of the game, the graphic designers didn’t break head over the style and rendering for the game symbols (especially keeping in mind that this is simply a New Year remake of the Fruit Shop video slot). As the result, the video slot is equipped with the same collection of symbols featuring juicy berries and fruit along with card deck symbols from Tens to Aces. After visiting the virtual fruit shop, players will be able to buy fresh-frozen watermelons, ripe plums, cherries, tangy lemons and oranges. All the above-mentioned symbols have two functions: they can form winning combinations and trigger free spins rounds.

Cherry is considered the most lucrative symbol of all: two cells covered by the cherry symbol will activate a x2 multiplier for any win. If 5 cherry symbols appear simultaneously on the reels, players will be rewarded with the maximum possible win - 2000 credits. Other fruit symbols will bring you from 15 to 1000 points for 3-5 symbols combinations. The lower value symbols - card symbols - can bring only 5-150 additional credits if they appear on the active bet lines.

“Wild” is the only special symbol in the game, so let’s take a closer look at it:

Wild symbol

Wild is designed in the form of the game logo against the Christmas wreath. These symbols can appear on reels 2, 3 and 4 only and substitute for any other symbol to complete the potentially winning combination. Those winning combinations, which include Wild symbols, are paid with a x2 multiplier.

Bonus features and bonus games

When creating the New Year remake of the Fruit Shop video slot, NetEnt developers decided not to make changes and alterations to their policy towards bonus games and features - Fruit Shop: Christmas Edition offers free spins. Now, let’s find out, what their rules are:

Free Spins

Activating of Free Spins round at Fruit Shop: Christmas Edition video slot

The number of free spins players get during the rounds depends on the number of symbols in the winning combination. Free rounds are played at the same bet level and coin value as the round that activated free spins.

Gaming process during Free Spins at Fruit Shop: Christmas Edition slot

Before we get down to the detailed description of the bonus game, we need to remind you of the multilevel system of its activation. It directly depends on the number and type of symbols that served to activate it. Basically, the distinctive feature of the game is that every single bet line win with matching fruit symbols award free spins. In the main game, players can get a certain number of free spins after fruit combinations appear on the reels:

  • 1 FS for 2 cherry symbols. 1 FS will also be activated by 3 watermelons, lemons, cherries, plums or oranges;
  • 2 FS for 4 watermelons, oranges, plums, lemons or cherries;
  • 5 FS from 5 watermelons, oranges, plums, lemons or cherries.

All wins during the free spins are multiplied with an x2 multiplier. During the bonus game, card symbols can also trigger free spin within the same pattern as in the main game. It is noteworthy that the player has a chance to reactivate free rounds during the bonus game.

Ending of Free Spins game at Fruit Shop: Christmas Edition video slot


The undeniable advantage of the following video slot over the others, is that the only bonus feature activates quite frequently.

Fruit Shop: Christmas Edition video slot is just a perfect way to get wins in the bonus game. The multilevel activation system will let you increase your bankroll and also fill the game atmosphere with win anticipation and gambling passion. You can immerse both into the real and play money experience of the Fruit Shop: Christmas Edition game in one of the online casinos, which can be found in the list below.