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Free spins Yes
Re-spin feature Yes
Bonus game Yes
Risk game No
Scatter symbol Yes
Wild symbol Yes
Progressive jackpot No
Autoplay option Yes
Cascading reels feature No

Jack and the Beanstalk video slot by NetEnt - review

Jack And The Beanstalk

In our childhood, everybody was anticipating for another cartoon on TV to be shown; we just couldn’t go to bed until our parents read a bedtime story for us... While listening to these stories or while watching cartoons we were just plunging directly into the heart of this amazing world. Our unbridled imagination would paint pictures of the universe, where we would be the main characters and never fail to defeat evil, like in well-known fairy-tales. However, time passed and we grew older and found ourselves with a cargo of responsibilities on our shoulders. We realized, that sometimes, unfortunately, things don’t turn all right and good doesn’t defeat evil. But nevertheless, it’s hoped that there’re miracles out there in the world and you can immerse into another, albeit imaginary universe, and remember this sinking feeling of euphoria from your childhood. Probably, this is exactly the reason why there’re so many devotees and fans of animated cartoons among people of any age. And of course, on the analogy, video slots, based on the famous fairy-tales, are extremely popular in the iGaming industry. This was the rationale that underpinned the creation of Jack and the Beanstalk video slot by NetEnt developers. The following video slot is based on the world-famous “Jack and the Beanstalk” cartoon. The game was released on December 15, 2011. What’s surprising, even now, after so many years have passed, this video slot doesn’t cease to be in great request, and what’s more, manages to remain one of the most popular ones.

Intro at Jack and the Beanstalk video slot

Net Entertainment - a reputable Swedish company - was established back in 1996. That was the time, when the whole online gambling industry was at it’s very source; now we can enjoy the great multitude of video slots of different structure and genre right on the online casino web-sites, not at least thanks to NetEntertainment. No doubt, NetEnt is one of the acknowledged jewels of the video slot development industry. It will definitely take you a lot of effort if you decide to find a demonstratively miscarried product powered by this software developer.

Jack and the Beanstalk video slot - storyline

«Jack and the Beanstalk» - a popular English folk story, which Jack and the Beanstalk video slot is based on, - was first released in printed form in 1807 penned by the prominent writer of that time, called Benjamin Tabart. However, the most popular version of this tale eventually became the story by Josef Jacobs first published in 1890.

In the story, the main character of the fairy-tale - a boy called Jack - trades his mother’s cow for magic beans, which are said to be able to grow straightway to sky. And here’s where the real adventures for Jack begin. Of course, Jack’s mother, mildly speaking, is disenchanted and angry with her son’s “deal”. She throws the beans away in the window. The next morning, Jack looks out of the window and realizes, that the old man wasn’t cheating. Out of pure curiosity, Jack climbs up the stalk and a strange sight met his gaze - he was high in the skies. There he finds a road leading to a huge hut. The boy walks towards the hut and meets the giantess, who is quite generous to invite Jack for dinner. Unfortunately, the husband and the owner of the place - to return home. His wife decides to hide Jack in the stove, but the giant senses that Jack is nearby by smell. So, Jack has nothing to do but run! However, the boy is very brave and cunning, so he decides to visit the hut once more, at night, with bad intentions on his mind. This time Jack wants to steal a goose that lays golden eggs. But again, the giant notices the boy, who’s running away with his trophy. And this is where the video slot storyline begins. If you don’t skip the game intro, you’ll see Jack running away from the house and the evil two-headed giant chases him in all haste.

The official trailer of Jack and the Beanstalk video slot by NetEnt

NetEnt team standing behind the design, animation and graphics, managed to recapture the unparalleled atmosphere of the cartoon based on the beloved Jack and the Beanstalk fairy-tale. Thanks to the special 3D technologies implemented in the video slot, the gaming process seems realistic and convincing enough to put you inside this fabulous world. Of course significant role in creating a sense of presence should be given to the sound effects, ambient music and background sound as they’ve been picked up just ingeniously. In addition, the video slot bonus features will rejoice even the most sophisticated players: if Jack was forced to commit a crime, you don’t necessarily have to do the same to gain some money, because the video slot can load you with wins just as the goose laying golden eggs.

Jack and the Beanstalk video slot - main features

Jack and the Beanstalk video slot incorporates 5 (five) reels, 3 (three) rows and thus the playing field contains 15 symbol cells. Winning combinations are formed on 20 (twenty) fixed bet lines.

This superb NetEnt-powered video slot also has some fun features, like Free Spins round with treasures or Walking Wilds - a kind of re-spin feature.

There’re two parameters to set your bet for each spin: Coin Value (from 0,01 to 0,05 points) and Bet Level, i.e. the number of coins per each line (from 1 to 10). Consequently, players can choose a stake for each spin from 0,20 to 100 points.

Winning combination on the bet lines are paid only according to the following conditions: combinations made up from minimum 3 symbols should start from the leftmost to the rightmost reel. Only the highest win per bet line is paid, which means, that if there’re several winning combinations on the same line, the highest will be credited. All wins are calculated according to the paytable. The maximum possible win per spin has a 1000 multiplier.

The main features of Jack and the Beanstalk slot machine by NetEnt

The maximum coin win is estimated at 600000.

According to the official information, the Return-To-Player rate in Jack and the Beanstalk video slot equals to 96,3%, which is a very good index if comparing to other video slots

Jack and the Beanstalk video slot - free game without registration

If you wish to revisit your childhood and feel like a protagonist of a famous fairy-tale all over again, you can launch free demo version of Jack and the Beanstalk slot machine. If the story about Jack once was your favorite tale, even the game in demo-mode will bring a whole spectrum of positive emotions. Apart from being involved in the storyline directly, you’ll rejoice with the very process of the game, since NetEnt developers exerted all efforts to render all the bonus features equally interesting and entertaining just as the game animation and graphics. In addition to that, demo-versions are just irreplaceable when it comes to elaborating your own betting strategy, before actually getting down to the real money game.

In case you’ve never actually been attracted by the game for play money, but so far you cannot afford betting your own, you can always try to benefit from no deposit casino bonuses. A number of gambling facilities are ready to offer their player an opportunity to get free casino money or free spins for registration.

Jack and the Beanstalk video slot - design and control panel

The main action at Jack and the Beanstalk video slot takes place against the background of a cute English village, or rather a small farm, where Jack - the little adventure-seeker - lives. This is where his fascinating story begins. You’ll be immediately cheered up by the rustic landscape against blue sky, which will also make the whole gaming process more relaxing and casual. It absolutely doesn’t matter, what’s the weather like right now behind your window - the video slot will take you in the height of summer, while the sun is warming the world with its rays and the spirits rejoice in the magnificence around.

Design of Jack and the Beanstalk slot machine

The video slot is designed with mainly green colors prevailing, which is quite logical if taking into account the season and the place - the height of summer in the village. On the screen you’ll see a huge tree “wrapped in” leaves against an endless field covered with soft green carpet of grass and popping hay bales. The game field and the control panel are designed in green color as well to reward the eyes of players. Card symbols are rendered in a very fancy manner - in a form of lingering stalks of green, - which fit perfectly in the whole atmosphere. You’ll see beautiful butterflies flitting about the whole scene and sometimes even adorable birds, which came to watch what’s happening on the screen. The background sounds picked up for the video slot ideally blend in the storyline and the rural idyll. You won’t hear anything like music during the gaming process, only the joyful chants of birds and crickets and nothing else, what can distract you from the process. These sounds of nature encapsulate the atmosphere of the unbreakable tranquility to the fullest. And sometimes it may seem, that nothing can break the peace and nothing bad can happen in this world full of serenity and tranquility. At least, before any of the bonus features starts.

Thanks to the user-friendly gameplay, the control of the video slot will be very easy and intuitive. The control panel consists of a standard set of tools, buttons and parameters, traditionally used by NetEnt developers. First, you’ll need to choose you bet per spins with the help of the Bet Level scale on the left and the Coin Value scale on the right. Highrollers can immediately go for the Max Bet. Auto Play button will trigger a series of spins (the number of Auto spins depends on you) and of course, the main button - the round Spin Button right in the middle. “i” icon will help you to study the rules of bonus features and games and give you information about the payout values and winning combination schemes. Below the panel you’ll find settings to adjust sound effects (switch them on/off), intro screen, spacebar to spin and quick spins function. The “question” sign will give you information about the general rules of the game.

Gaming process at Jack and the Beanstalk slot machine

Jack and the Beanstalk video slot - mobile version

The time has come when anyone can enjoy his favorite online casino games wherever he wants, providing that he has a mobile device and Internet connection. And what’s more, in terms of quality, mobile game versions completely keep up with desktop versions - the same can be applied to the mobile version of Jack and the Beanstalk slot machine.

Once you launch the game on your smartphone or tablet, you’ll be amazed with the game mechanics, graphics, animation, visual effects, which are completely identical to desktop version of the game. The only thing different will be the control panel. For sake of users’ comfort, the Spin button was relocated to the right (you can change it to left in the menu settings) part of the game field; the Auto Game settings and Quick Spin settings can be opened by clicking “+” icon. If you wish to adjust your bet, you’ll have to access the main menu.

Mobile version of Jack and the Beanstalk video slot

Jack and the Beanstalk video slot - the collection of symbols

All the symbols of Jack and the Beanstalk video slot can be divided into 3 types: card symbols (lower valued), themed symbols (higher valued) and special symbols. Standard card symbols are represented by a card deck ranging from Tens to Aces. These are the lowest valued symbols in the game. Themed symbols, as you’ve might already guessed, are stylistically connected with the storyline of the Jack and the Beanstalk folk story. The higher valued symbols are presented by the water can, the axe, the sleepy looking goat, the two-headed giant, and Jack himself. Combinations made of these symbols on any pay line will reward you with 8 - 1000 coins. Whenever winning combinations appear on the reels, all the paylines would light up and themed symbols would trigger special animation effects.

Wild Symbols

There’re two types of Wild Symbols in Jack and the Beanstalk video slot: Walking Wild and Treasure Collection.

Walking Wild

Wild Symbol

The Walking Wild symbol is designed as the game logo, e.g. consists of the title “Jack and the Beanstalk" against the red blanket in a decorative frame. Wild symbol can substitute for any symbol (except for Scatter symbol) to finish the potentially winning combination. In the main game Wilds can appear on reels 2, 3, 4 and 5.

But this is not the end! Once you get a Wild symbol on one of the reels, you be awarded a series of re-spins, which means that you get higher chances to hit big wins. During the re-spin round, the Wild symbol will move one position (reel) to the left, and the other reels will automatically re-spin again. When another re-spin is triggered, Wilds appear on reels 2, 3 and 4 only. Additional Walking Wilds can appear during re-spins round and continue the feature until there’re no more substitution symbols on the screen.

All wins during re-spins round are paid with an x3 multiplier. Once the series of re-spins is over, all the wins are added. Walking Wilds can also appear during Free Spins mode and activate series of re-spins.

Scatter symbol

Scatter symbol

You’ll recognize Scatter symbols by the open chest icons. 3 or more Scatter symbols on the reels will activate a 10 Free Spin bonus round. During Free Spins feature, players can get another 5 additional spins, if 3 Scatter symbols land on the reels one more time.

Free Spins bonus game

Of course, a fancy video slot like this one just couldn’t go without an exclusive bonus game. So, as we’ve already mentioned, the bonus game will be triggered by 3 or more Scatter symbols on the game field. The bonus game basically consists of 10 Free Spins.

Activation of Free Spins round at Jack and the Beanstalk video slot

Once you get 3 Chest symbols, the scene will change dramatically: you’ll see the intro where Jack is walking out of his house and in a matter of seconds gets to the fantasy world by the stalk. Next moment you see Jack against the giants’ hut watching the reels carefully and rejoicing at any winning combination on the reels.

Free Spins round at Jack and the Beanstalk slot machine

In the situation, when 3 or more Scatter symbols appear on the reeland all over again, you’ll be awarded with another 5 free spins within the following round.

However, there’s another important symbol in the Free Spins round - this is a Key symbol. Each time you get the key symbol on the 5th reel during the bonus game, one of the scales below will be completed. Thus, if you get 3 Key symbols on the reels Wild will transform into a Stacked Wild with 2 money bag symbols; just as Walking Wild symbols, these symbols will move one reel to the left to form winning combinations; this will be repeated until the Stacked Wild is on the leftmost reel. 6 (six) Key Symbols on the 5th reel will transform into a Stacked Wild with golden hen symbols, covering 3 cells! And finally, if you manage to collect 10 Key symbols during one Free Spins round, they will transform into Expanding Wild with 2 a golden harp symbol, covering the whole reel and shifting for even more win chances. At this point the bonus game will stop, when there’re no more Expanding Wilds on the reels.

Ending of Free Spins round at Jack and the Beanstalk video slot

Treasure Collection

Treasure Collection bonus feature has its own symbols, which can appear only during the Free Spins bonus game. The “treasury” includes Key symbol and Stacked Wild symbol.

The Key symbol can appear on the 5th reel only during the Free Spins round. Depending on the number of Keys during the bonus game, different Stacked Wilds will be activated.

All in all, there’re 3 of them:

Money Bag symbol

Money Bag symbol. This symbol will appear after players collect 3 Key symbols during Free Spins round. The newly appeared Wild symbol will transform into the Stacked Wild symbol of two money bag symbols (Wilds);

Golden Hen Symbol

Golden Hen Symbols. 6 Key symbols during the same Free Spins round will award you with an entire reel of Walking Wilds. As you’ve already guessed, this can result in a more beneficial outcome and bigger wins, that the situation with money bags;

Golden Harp symbol

Golden Harp symbol. After you collect 9 Key symbols in the bonus game, the next Wild symbol will transform into Expanding Wild. It will cover the entire reel and then shift to trigger bigger wins. If the following spin doesn’t result in any Wilds, the bonus round will be over and you’ll return to the main game.

Unlike other symbols, Stacked symbols can cover several positions on the reels. Depending on how the reel stops, Stacked symbols can appear partially of fully. Like Walking Wild symbols, Stacked symbols trigger re-spins, whenever they appear on the reels. In the series of re-spins, each spin is followed by a Wild symbol moving to the left reel making new winning combinations by substituting for other symbols. Once the Stacked Symbol gets to the 1st reel, the round will be over. Key symbols cannot be transferred to further Free Spins rounds.

Walking Wild feature at Jack and the Beanstalk slot machine


With its revolutionary Jack and the Beanstalk video slot, NetEntertainment company proved it to the whole iGambling industry once again, that it holds the leading positions in the online casino software development. The video slot will put you into the unique fairy-tale atmosphere. Together with a boy called Jack you’ll see the fabulous world full of risks and adventures. The graphic effects along with the ambient sound will harmoniously fit the atmosphere of the game, in addition, high RTP rate promises higher win chances and opportunity to finish the game with pockets full of “treasures”. The bonus game will amaze you with its top-notch graphics and animation and reward you with generous payouts. As you can see, there’re plenty of reasons for you spend your free time playing this fabulous game.

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