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Free spins Yes
Re-spin feature No
Bonus game No
Risk game No
Scatter symbol Yes
Wild symbol Yes
Progressive jackpot No
Autoplay option Yes
Cascading reels feature No

Piggy Riches video slot by NetEnt - review

Piggy Riches

The character of a pig doesn’t normally dredge any images of success, welfare and fame. Normally, the word “pig” is applied to the person in a negative way, rather than positive. We use it to describe a suck-bottle, scank or someone, who is overweight. To pigs’ credit, it should be mentioned, that they do not necessarily creep in dirt and mess around; hardly anywhere can you find a pig, who is addicted to alcoholic beverages. If you take cartoon characters, mostly all of them are antagonists; perhaps except for the Piglet from Winnie the Pooh - one of the few positive character from a fairy-tale.

After the release of Piggy Riches video slot by NetEntertainment, it became clear, that Swedish software developer decided to prove, that pigs are (or can be) a respectable fauna form, at least in the imaginary world of the slot machine. The team standing behind the game - NetEntertainment - has made a very good name for itself thanks to their innovational approach towards their products. The following company has been developing online casino software for dozens of years (NetEnt started its operation back in 1996). Each year the online gambling industry is amazed with cutting-edge online video slots, released by NetEnt. Apart from the fascinating storyline, NetEnt video slots are famous for their top-notch graphic effects, amazing animation and background music. Without any doubt, the list of the highly-praised video slots by NetEnt can be also completed by Piggy Riches.

The official trailer about Piggy Riches video slot by NetEnt

Due to the fact, that material wealth is the today’s measure of success, it’s no wonder, that respectable piglets are lapped in luxury and wealth. You cannot but agree, that the image of a pig in an expensive Brioni suit, luxurious Gucci glasses, thick golden chain around the neck can be very amusing, especially, if this pig is riding off into the sunset in its new Bugatti accompanied by a gorgeous arm candy. Well, after you launch Piggy Riches video slot, you won’t even have to recall the image of a luxurious pig in your memory - it will immediately emerge at its best.

Although pigs are fabulously wealthy, unlike many human money bags, they’re very generous. These pigs will share their gold reserves and award you sufficient (by today’s standards) money wins.

During the gaming process, you’ll run into the “chief” pig - Mr. Piggy - the owner of the entire palace. Mr. Piggy seems to be a very nice fellow: despite the huge number of digits on his personal account in the Swiss Bank, Mr. Piggy can easily surpass any Forbes millionaire by his vivacity. His young wife - Mrs. Piggy - is second to none of her beloved husband in terms of extraordinary appearance and will leave the most pleasant impression. Apart from expensive silks and jewels, Mrs. Piggy loves to reward players with presents in the form of cash and helps you to find your way to the main prize in the game. Kind hosts will help you collect winning combinations and trigger bonus features in the game. Well, welcome to the upper crust world!

Piggy Riches - general features

The following “motorcade of generosity” incorporates 5 (five) reels and 3 (three) symbol rows. Winning combinations on the game field are formed within 15 fixed paylines. The bonus features of the game include Wild Substitution symbols and Free Spins round.

With the help of such parameters as “Bet Level” and “Coin Value” on the control panel, players can adjust their bet size. Thus, the size of the bet per round may vary from 0,15 (at Level 1 and 0,01 Coin Value) up to 150 (at Level 10 and 1 Coin Value) monetary items.

Please note, that winning combinations are formed according to the following pattern: it should consist of minimum 3 identical symbols (in case of Scatter and Bonus symbols - minimum 2) from leftmost to rightmost direction, starting from the 1st reel. In case there’re several winning combinations landed on the reels, only the highest win per bet line is paid. Simultaneous wins on different paylines are added and displayed as a total sum at the end of the round.

The maximum possible win in the game is promised to be 360 000 coins/points.

Those players, who strongly rely on the Return-To-Player ratio when choosing particular video slots, will be delighted to find out, that the following rate in Piggy Riches video slot is 96,4%

Piggy Riches video slot - play for free

If you really want to drop by for a late bite and pay a visit to Piggy Riches family, you don’t necessarily have to possess any money on your account. You can always use Piggy Riches video slot demo-version. Demo-versions become irreplaceable, when it comes to a situation, when gamblers wish to get acquainted with the video slot and its features, before actually making real money deposits. After you start the game demo-version, you’ll get a sufficient coin balance, which can be restored every time you refresh the page (sometimes you will have to clear cache and cookies). The game demo-version can be launched with no download/registration required by clicking “Play for Free” button at the top of the review.

If you desperately want to try Piggy Riches video slot for real money, but so far cannot afford making deposits, there’s a great option for you - no deposit casino bonuses. A no deposit bonus is definitely something you’re searching for. If you follow the link above, you’ll find the best bonus offers by the most prominent real money online casinos.

Piggy Riches video slot - design

The whole scene of the overwhelming wealth of the Piggy Family is set in the enormous and luxurious palace decorated in European style. Bas-reliefs and sculptures on the palace along with carefully crafted pretty fountains perfectly play into the scene. In the background, you’ll see the green yard with huge trees, where, most probably, the Piggy family spends their leisure time. Open forged metal gates made and red carpet strewn before the door are inviting you to the world, full of expensive items and attributes of luxurious life.

Gaming process at Piggy Riches slot machine

The video slot is designed in grey and yellow colors with hints of gold, purple and green. The game field is looks like as golden frame, covered with silver patterns in the form of winged piglets, which are holding the brand logo with their hoofs. The brand logo is basically the sign “Piggy Riches” against the purple background. Around the sides of the field you’ll see bundles of money, which depict paylines, if you hover on them. While at Mr. and Mrs. Piggy place, you’ll bump into scattered images of money bags, keys to safes, gold credit cards, money purses and piggy banks. As we’ve already mentioned before, these pigs are very generous and after you collect a certain number of symbols in the right succession, you can always exchange it for real money.

Gaming process at Piggy Riches slot machine

What can be better than the sound of gold coins falling into your pocket or the sound of the cashpoint issuing a high-value check? Except perhaps for the pleasant sound of your glass filling with champagne or premium-class whisky with ice cubes. The sound effects of the game will create the illusion of being at the sophisticated party: everywhere you hear the sound of clinking crystal and soft hubbub of voices. The first thing that comes to mind is the Hollywood movie about wealthy people, casinos, ladies in immaculate dresses and men in expensive suits, who are having sophisticated small talks and are making friends in a relaxed atmosphere. The game developers managed to create amazing background sound to fit the game storyline and immerse you into the world of wealth and luxury.

Gaming process at Piggy Riches slot machine

Piggy Riches video slot - mobile version

Today mobile versions of video slots are no less popular than desktop versions. And, of course, keeping this information in mind, online casino game developers try to make the game on mobile devices maximum comfortable and entertaining. NetEntertainment is one of those companies, which became very successful in this field: the Swedish company started to release video slots based on NetEnt Touch platform. Today all newly released video slots by NetEnt support this platform, which eliminates all the problems with the launch of the game on mobile phones and tablets powered by iOS, Android and other operational systems (NetEnt Touch technology supports gadgets operated by Windows Mobile, Blackberry and etc.). Piggy Riches video slot is among those video slots, which has mobile versions indistinguishable from the desktop version.

The official trailer about Piggy Riches mobile version

In the mobile version of Piggy Riches slot machine you will find absolutely the same set of symbols and main features, as in desktop version. The only difference between these two version can be found in the control panel - it was specially designed to make users feel most comfortable and have all the functions at hand when playing on mobile devices.

You can play Piggy Riches video slot for real money or for free on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets both in portrait and in landscape modes; however, the landscape version is considered most convenient - the Spin button will be relocated to the right/left part of the screen and thus, the control of the game will become much more user-friendly.

Mobile version of Piggy Riches video slot

Piggy Riches video slot - the collection of symbols

Separate credits should be given to the collection of symbols in Piggy Riches video slot - all the game elements radiate with chic, class and dignity. The main theme of the game is all about money and luxury, so the game symbols correspond to this theme to a degree. The least paying symbols in the game are designed in the form of cards from Ten to Aces. These cards look very sophisticated, carved with gem stones. Some of these cards are diamond-incrusted. Each of these symbols could well be a golden jewel on the necks of beautiful ladies. We will assume that Mrs. Piggy kindly provided them for the game.

The next group of symbols is even a more vivid example of the very gist of the storyline of the video slot. This group of symbols includes images of piggy banks ready to burst with plenty of money in it; leather purse with notes sticking out; keys with a golden keychain and a monogram of Mr. Piggy initial letters; gold credit cards; sacks full of gold and gem-stones. Five images of the last character on one of bet lines will award players with a 2000-credit win. The size of wins guaranteed for each combination can be found in the paytable in the slot or in the bottom of the following page, after the review.

Wild symbol

Wild symbol at Piggy Riches video slot

This symbol is designed as an image of Mr. Piggy - the owner of these untold riches, which set the scene for the whole game. Despite the fact that this symbol looks quite posh and sophisticated, it doesn’t have any particular value (can’t form wins itself), apart from its unique feature - substitution for missing symbols in the combination to get maximum wins. The only symbol Wilds cannot substitute for is Scatter symbol. All the wins obtained with the help of Wild symbols are multiplied by 3.

Scatter symbols

Scatter symbol at Piggy Riches video slot

This symbol, which completes the role of a Scatter in the game, is featuring an extravagant pig, dressed in chic clothes and wearing expensive jewelry - Mrs. Piggy. She is holding a present in a beautiful wrapping, which again is the indicator of her generosity. This means, that you promise to get huge wins once Scatter symbols appear on the reels. Two or more Scatter symbols on the field will multiply the bet a particular number of times. In addition, these symbols can activate Free Spins bonus feature. In order to trigger Free Spins, you need three or more Scatter symbols on the game field reels.

Free Spins bonus game in Piggy Riches video slot

Bonus features in video slots are very important, since they’re something most online casino players are longing for during the game. Bonus features are known for their huge wins being raffled. And of course, a video slot like that, focused on the theme of wealth and luxury, just could not go without a generous bonus game. After you manage to collect at least 3 Mrs. Piggy symbols on the reels, Free Spins bonus game will be automatically activated. There’s a multiplier applied to all wins during Free Spins. The value of the multiplier and the number of Free Spins depend directly on the number of Scatter symbols in the main game round.

Choosing number of free spins and multiplier during Free Spins round

3 Scatter symbols will reward you with the following prizes at your choice:

  • 22 Free Spins + x2 multiplier;
  • 15 Free Spins + x3 multiplier;
  • 9 Free Spins + x5 multiplier.

Intro to Free Spins game at Piggy Riches video slot

4 Scatter symbols on the game field simultaneously will award you another set of prizes:

  • 25 Free Spins + x2 multiplier;
  • 18 Free Spins + x3 multiplier;
  • 14 Free Spins + x4 multiplier;
  • 10 Free Spins + x6 multiplier;

In the situation, when 5 (five) Scatter symbols appear on the field at the same time in the main game, players are given 28 Free Spins where each winning combination will be paid with a x6 multiplier.

Free Spins round at Piggy Riches slot machine

New Scatter symbols during the Free Spins round will reward you with 1 (one) additional free spin. The bonus game is played at the same bet level and coin value as the round, that activated Free Spins.


Pigs wallowing in money - you cannot but agree, that this is quite a weird, yet very funny situation, especially when completed and designed by NetEnt developers. Apart from entertaining storyline, Piggy Riches video slot features amazing graphic effects in the cartoonish style. Thanks to such visual design, the game looks very attractive with its simplicity and non-intrusive character. The ambient sound will immediately put you into the atmosphere of a high-life event, which will make the gaming process even more relaxed and alluring to the reel spinning. Despite the fact, that the game offers only one bonus feature, it will definitely appeal to you with its win chances. The same like will you appreciate the main game with quite a high RTP rate of 96,4%.

In the bottom of the following page you will find the list of the web sites, which offer Piggy Riches video slot for real money to test your luck and skills.