Game confrontation in casinos - professionalism vs luck

Game confrontation in casinos - professionalism vs luck

Luck is very influential in all casino games, no matter who plays - some newbie or experienced player. We can’t discard skill level as it has direct impact on luck. Also luck depends on the game which client chooses. For instance, experience and basic strategy knowledge are extremely important while playing blackjack, so the new player can’t count on being lucky choosing this game.

What casino games are based on skill?

To increase your chances of winning and to cut the edge of the casino, player needs to study the strategy of the game he chooses in details, especially if this game is based on luck. By knowing the strategy one could win big.

Blackjack is a game where skill is the major factor. Thanks to the professionalism, the player can cut the casino’s edge to 0.5%. If the experience goes hand in hand with well-though strategy, one could be winning a lot.

Poker. This game allows players to get winnings in the long run because in this case players compete not with the casino but with each other. Casino has tournament fees and other commissions. Surely, players with huge experience and professionalism have a great edge over other casino clients. You may learn rules of poker and try one of the best card games out.

Video Poker. This game, like usual poker, allows players to get solid payback. Sometimes it is up to 100%. All depends on the level of skill and the experience. With proper strategy any client can get 99.5% of his bets back.

What casino games are based on luck?

You should realize it is very problematic to cut the edge of the gambling facility in these games. What’s good about the new players - they don’t need to keep different strategies in their minds. There are no strategies in those games so one could relax and enjoy the process.

Caribbean Stud. Most of the experienced gamblers don’t advise to play these games as the casino edge reaches 5% here even if the player has a well-thought strategy. The level of skill is important in Caribbean Stud. Experienced players warn against jackpot side bets as in these cases the edge of the facility increases 25%.

Caribbean Stud

Bingo. This type of game is based on luck until the players hear the number. The chances can be increased by buying bigger number of cards. Strategy is irrelevant - casino’s edge is obvious.

Keno. This fun game attracts all the lottery lovers. The player chooses random numbers in the ticket in hope they will be the ones during the lottery. The edge of the casino is 25% in this case. It is almost unreal to figure out some strategy for Keno.

Slots. In this type of game final result depends on luck directly. One could try the finance management here, sometimes it helps. But in the most cases strategy is the same - pull the trigger and attract the luck. Players have an opportunity to choose slots with bigger return rate.

Professionalism and luck

Not all the games fall under a certain category. Some combine such factors as professionalism and luck in different proportions. The most vivid representatives of this group are baccarat, craps and roulette.

Baccarat. Experienced players know how to make bets to have a good perspective in a long run. If you bet on the back, casino edge decreases to 1.06%. In cases when the bet is made on the player, casino’s edge increases to 1.24%. In other variations, players may only rely on luck.

Craps. Bets in this game also affect casino’s edge. There are many rumors about this game which aren’t really truthful so don’t trust them. The most popular bet in craps is pass line/don’t pass line, come/don’t come.

Online casino roulette

Roulette. If player wants to sufficiently cut the casino’s edge, he must choose the right roulette type. The worst option for the player is an American Roulette. The edge of the casino is 5.26% in it. The edge in European Roulette is two times lower at 2.7%. French roulette edge is even less - 1.35%. Not all the facilities have it.