Malina Casino - promo code upon sign up

Malina Casino - promo code upon sign up

When completing the first step of registration form at Malina Casino players might see a field, highlighted with a duller color, labeled “Enter the promo code”. Despite the fact that this field is not obligatory to complete, players turn to search engines with queries like “what is the best promo code for registration at Malina Casino” or “what is Malina Casino promo code meant for” and etc. Definitely, this field is meant there for some certain purpose and probably, if you complete it, you might get some goodies.

Ok, first things come first. To start with, let’s find out, what is a promotion code at online casino industry?

Promo code is a marketing instrument, which is a set of numbers and letters. If you enter such promo code on a certain stage, you’ll be guaranteed to get a certain bonus. Here are some examples of promo codes in online casinos: FREE20, GETBONUS and etc.

What is the aim online casinos presume (Malina Casino in particular) when they add different fields like «promo code», «bonus code», «registration code» and etc. to their registration forms? There're several main reasons to do this:

  • To check the sources of players traffic (where have the player came from), in order to enhance the efficiency of marketing instruments;
  • To determine the type and the size of exclusive bonuses, which are available for players, who have entered particular promo codes. By issuing exclusive bonuses (especially no deposit ones), casinos get better exposure on certain themed web sites;
  • To check the interest of players towards certain special offers. For example, the casino issues one promo code, which is meant to give a no deposit bonus for registration, and another one - to give a better deposit bonus. During registration players will enter these codes and thus the casino management will be able to understand, what players want.

What promo code is valid for Malina Casino registration

Malina Casino promo code upon account registration

Use the promo code = WOWSPIN when creating new account at Malina Casino. Please note, that this code is valid only if you register following special links.

Also note, that Malina Casino promo code can be entered only during new account registration. There's a special field in the sign up form for this purpose. This field can be filled only when you create a new account. If you create an account without any code or with any other code, you will not be able change/enter it after the registration is completed. That's why we recommend you to check all you data several times, before you actually press «Registration» button.

Advantages of Malina Casino sign up promo code

The main advantage of this promotional code is the opportunity to get a no deposit bonus at Malina Casino in the form of free spins on account registration. This bonus will give you a chance to try this casino on practice absolutely for free. With the help of knowledge and experience obtained you’ll be able to make a considered decision, whether to make a deposit or not.

Those Malina Casino clients, who have entered the promo code = WOWSPIN, will be able to get additional bonuses throughout the whole 'up time' in the casino.

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