Interesting things to know about casino

Interesting things to know about casino

During a very long time there were a lot of argues between supporters and opposes of gambling. Ones consider gambling as evil, another as an opportunity to spend quality time. Either way, people used to play, they play now and will still play at land based casinos or open online casinos in the future to have fun. Within the existence of casino loads of interesting facts piled up about it. You can see just some of them below.

The majority of modern casinos devoid of such familiar interior objects as windows and clocks. This trick is used to make the visitors lose the sense of reality. Not distracted by the passing of time, one can fully relax and enjoy the game. The absence of the windows also helps players forget about time and makes them feel secure.

All the chips in casino have beveled edges to make it easy to grab them from the table.

Gambling business appeared in the State of Nevada. Las Vegas is located there. Gambling business was officially permitted in Nevada in 1931 and first casinos were founded. The presence of casinos in Nevada brought the government loads of money, which were spent to boost the coffers.

The biggest and the most famous casino in the world is Foxwoods Resort Casino in Connecticut. It was established in 1991 on the Mashantucket Pequot Indian Reservation.

On the casino’s floor there are always bright carpets. Psychologists consider this to be a market-speak. Bright colors make people feel venturesome and willing to play. Casino visitors have an illusion that they are still full of energy and are able to continue the game. Such players can easily play all night long whether at the tables or at slots.

The highest casino in the world is Stratosphere, Las Vegas. It was opened not long ago, in 1996. The most fascinating place in this casino is undoubtedly the observation tower, which is 350 m high. This building is 47 m higher than the Eiffel Tower. The slot area here is 9300 square meters. This casino offers its players the most profitable bets. For example, Blackjack minimal bet is only $5.

Many casino owners are positively disposed towards players’ superstitions and try to make their clients feel maximally comfortable. You will never find room ”666” in a hotel-casino in Europe or the US, but it is possible there will be few rooms “777”. In China '4' is believed to bring bad luck and omitted in numeration of buildings.

Roulette is often called a 'Wheel of the Beast' because if you put together all the figures on the wheel you will have “666”.

One of the keenest blackjack players - Napoleon Bonaparte - used to play this game even being sent away to the Elba Island.