Mega win at Bob Casino

Mega win at Bob Casino

Bob Casino has some exciting news to share. We've had the biggest win in history - a user playing Play'n GO's Reactoonz won €333,460 in a single spin bringing their total win to €1,000,000+. This is the player's screenshot capturing the winning moment.

Big win at Bob Casino

The team standing behind Bob Casino have prepared an exclusive interview with the winner. 

1. Could you please tell us in a few words how you managed to turn your initial deposit of $2,750 into a million euro win?

I started playing in a slot which was featured on the home page and I was always increasing my stakes after big wins. I was lucky to hit a few very large prizes when I was playing with the maximum stake.

2. Why did you choose our casino?

I saw a good review about it on AskGamblers and decided to give it a try.

3. What do usually pay attention to when choosing a casino?

Support, withdrawal limits, reliability.

4. How long have you been gambling online?

Maybe 4 or 5 years. I play when I have some free time, but it's not very often. I can be many months without placing a single bet but when I play, I try with large stakes.

5. Apart from this one, what was the largest amount you won?

I don't remember exactly, but something around 100K.

6. What was the biggest multiplication you ever got?

I think it was this time on BobCasino. I remember a particular game when I hit a 1500x combination.

7. Would you say you enjoy playing more at at online or ground based casino?

I prefer online. I went to ground based casinos only a few times in my life, and usually not to play.

8. If it's the online casino, then why so? Which slot providers do you like the most?

I prefer online casinos because it's more private and comfortable. About providers, maybe Microgaming and now Play'n GO, for the obvious reasons.

9. What do you do for a living?

I have my own business, I am a marketing specialist.

10. What made you choose this specific slot?

Nothing special, just the fact that it was featured on the home page of the casino. And once I got a lucky streak, I thought I should keep trying on the same game. I didn't know this slot machine, or at least I don't remember playing on this slot before.

11. How are you planning to spend the money?

I will invest a big part of it on my business and if I have something left, I will buy one or two properties.