Most DDoS-attacks accounts for online-gambling

Most DDoS-attacks accounts for online-gambling

A report, published at the beginning of December, on Web security by the third quarter of 2015 has revealed that more than 50% of hacking attacks (including DDoS-attacks) were aimed at websites promoting online games (including online casino).

Cloud Security Business Unit of Akamai vice-president, John Summers, gave comment on the news:

“During the year course the number of DDoS-attacks, that were aimed at the service system bug, has been growing steadily. By the third quarter the number of such attacks has dropped down but they’re still considered dangerous”.

The repost also conveys that gambling business became the main target of hacking attacks a little more than a year ago.

Again last year at once several huge DDoS attacks took place. One of them was aimed at New Jersey’s poker rooms. That time the hacker promised to stop his attacks if there would be a bailout in bit coins.

In 2014 as well Las Vegas Sands Corporation Casino was attacked by plotters from Iran. At that time all systems responsible for slot machines’ and table games’ payouts were blocked. Equity Poker Network and Merge Gaming Network websites suffered from plotters the same year.

If comparing the reports of the past and current year, experts drove to a conclusion that the number of DDoS-attacks in 2015 has increased almost twice though had dropped off in length.