Online gambling and video game industry tendencies

Online gambling and video game industry tendencies

In this article you will learn about the latest trends in online gambling and video games. In General, trends in the video games scene are somehow similar to the ones in online gambling.

This article is based on the worldwide stats, that is able to give the direction for us to guess where the entertainment will be in the future.

1. The number of women gamers grows

Yes, indeed, 47% of US gamers are women. In comparison with 2012, they number increased by 5%. The fact that almost the third part of all the video games fans are over 50 years old is even more interesting. Stats show that 29% of players are at least 50 years old. After reading those facts we can say that the world of gambling becomes more diversified, and that couldn’t be left without game vendor’s attention. The same situation is in online casino industry: more and more women and elderly people start to play in online casinos.

2. The family of gamers is a common thing

Considering the fact, video games appeared a little over 20 years ago, 'Dendi' generation grew up and have their ow children now, and they continue to play. As stats show, more than 30% of American citizens play video games with their children, 40% play only with friends, 17% prefer to play with the husband/wife and 34% spend free time playing video games with other family members.

3. Gaming industry income is bigger than in movie industry

$10 billion dollars was the total income of movie theaters in the United States in 2014, that is 2.5 less than the editors of the video games earned as their profits are over $24 billion. We should notice that gambling and video games industries are already among the major competitors of the movie world.

4. Games become more mobile

According to the 2014 data, each American owns at least one mobile phone. Considering the fact many mobile phones are almost as powerful as computers nowadays, it is understandable, why 48.000.000 people showed their interest to playing from their phones in 2014. The same tendencies are valid for the online gambling market (mobile casinos), sports betting market and at online poker.

5. Free games appear

The developers realized a long time ago that if a player likes free games, it is possible he would pay for it/make a deposit in the future. Some games are available for free for a certain period of time, the others have certain paid functions. This is a huge advantage for gamers as now they can play any game they like without risking their finances. Absolutely all the reliable casinos offer an opportunity to play any game you like without risking your finances for play money absolutely free.

6. Increasing number of Internet users and casinos

At the moment, there are about 7 billion people on the planet, and 2.5 billion of them use World Web. In comparison, about 6.5 billion people use mobile phones. Because of the absence of high-quality broadband connection, the most underdeveloped regions are Africa, Middle East, Central America and South Asia. Maximum effort of eliminating this problem is made. This means there will be increase in number of gamers and gamblers from year to year.

This is the stats of gambling in some countries:

  • About 58% of the population of the USA play video games
  • The average age of video games enthusiasts is 30
  • 51 percent of families own at least one gaming console
  • 77% of all the gamers spend at least one hour a week playing video games
  • China and Japan are among the leaders of mobile gambling industry and Russia is in sixth place.
  • The average age of Great Britain gamblers is 35. More than a half of them are men; some of them spend about three hours a day playing video games.
  • 91% percent of human population have mobile phones, 56% of them have smartphone and 80% of the device time is spent on games and apps (including video slots).