The result of the spin may be available before its start

The result of the spin may be available before its start

Net Micro Gaming Entertainment plc company presented its new development called Future Vision to the public. As one could guess from the title, the software allows seeing the future in some sense.

The nature of the software is to show the player spin result before the game starts. Of course, the player will have to pay for the service. 3-second demonstration of the result will cost $0.25 to the client. If the player sees he is going to lose the round, he has the right to skip it. But is it not that simple. To get the right to skip, he will have to pay another $0.5.

Future Vision program will be useful only for high stakes players as for others the opportunity to see the results will be too costly to get profit out of it.

The president of the company Dingas McGee thinks that the future of online gambling will change due to their revolutionary innovation as it is able to sufficiently cut the losses of players and casinos are still able to get profit.

There are rumors that Future Vision program will be available for all kinds of online casino games, including poker and roulette and others (Blackjack, for example).

The program launch is scheduled for the near future.

It is still unknown which companies will be the first to try the innovation but the developers suppose that the sharks of online gambling aka the biggest operators in industry will be among them. To see the list of those operators, visit our reliable online casinos section.