Comp-Points (loyalty points) at Slot V Casino

Comp-Points (loyalty points) at Slot V Casino

Any country in the world has its own currency, which is only valid within its boundaries. As outer space doesn’t belong to any country, it doesn’t have any of our currencies. So the team standing behind Slot V Casino has made a decision to change the order of things: there is a new currency called Comp-Points now.

Every time playing real money gambling games at Slot V Casino you will earn Comp-Points. After you accumulate a certain number of these points, you will be able to exchange them for real money and spend time playing your favourite games again.

How to receive Comp-Points at Slot V Casino

In order to earn Comp-Points at Slot V Casino, one has to play slot machines online, blackjack, poker or video poker for real money. Comp points are not be credited for playing other games. While playing slots, you will earn one Comp-Point for every €50 wagered. At the same time, while playing blackjack, poker or video poker, you will earn one Comp-Point for every €100 wagered.

Exchange rate of “open-space currency” for real money depends on your VIP status: the higher it is, the better the rate is. The only condition for receiving free casino money in exchange for Comp-Points is e-mail confirmation for securing your means from fraudsters.

To get more detailed information about Comp-Points, contact Slot V Casino players’ support service.

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