Game of the day at Columbus Casino

Game of the day at Columbus Casino

Fortune is known to be a very unpredictable lady, therefore it’s extremely pleasant, when it’s smiling upon you while you’re gambling at an online casino. Really huge wins depend directly on players’ fortune and persistence. So, the administration of Columbus Casino offers its clients and opportunity to come closer with the desired lucky streak with the help of the well-known “Game of the Day” promotion offer.

So, the gist of the promotion offer is as follows: every single day a random game from Columbus Casino portfolio is announced the “Game of the Day”. Whenever you play this particular video slot on each day, you will be given 30% more points for the same bets as on any ordinary day. So, what do you need these points for and how can you use them - the answers to these questions together with the rules of the “Game of the Day” promotion offer at Columbus Casino can be found in the text below.

What’s so great about the “Game of the Day” promotion offer?

To begin with, let’s make it clear that all the Columbus Casino clients get loyalty points for the real money game at the facility. Afterwards, these loyalty points can be exchanged for real money. According to the rules of the gambling facility, the more loyalty points you get, the higher your VIP-status is; and the higher your VIP-status is, the better exchange rate you can get. With the help of the “Game of the Day” promotion offer, the team standing behind the brand offers each client a chance to get a very pleasant bonus: while you’re making bets on the video slot chosen for the day, you can get 30% more points. Thus, you can kill two birds with one stone: you have an excellent opportunity to enjoy the gaming process to the maximum and also accelerate the process of accumulating loyalty points. In its turn, this will make the exchange of loyalty points for real money faster.

How can you find the “Game of the Day” at Columbus Casino?

Game of the day

As we’ve already mentioned before, each week a random video slot is chosen for the “Game of the Day” special offer. This slot will guarantee you 30% more loyalty points. If you wish to find out, what is the “Game of the Day” for today, you simply need to find the video slot with the ”Game of the Day” tag on the main page of the official casino web site. In case you failed to find this video slot for some reason, you can always contact the support service and the operator will tell you, what is the “promotion” video slot for today.

It is stated below that Columbus Casino tries to offer its clients maximum selection of bonus and promotion offers. These are not only deposit bonuses, but also promotions for loyalty points, which is definitely a very pleasant supplement for any player of an online casino.

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