Invite a friend and make money with Columbus Casino

Invite a friend and make money with Columbus Casino

A friend in court is better worth a penny in purse. If you love gambling games and have a lot of friends, who share common interest, “Invite your Friend” bonus at Columbus Casino is just what you really need. You must know very well, that gambling with your friend is always fun and great. And if you take one of the most popular online casino - Columbus Casino - the game is definitely more beneficial if comparing to other gambling facilities, since the casino offers $40 for each friend.

Detailed information about the “Invite your Friend” promotion can be found below.

“Invite your Friend” bonus at Columbus Casino - rules and step-by-step guide

In order to use the following bonus for inviting a friend, you first and foremost need to:

Next you need to access your account, find the link for invitation, copy it and send to your friend. After he/she follows it and register, your friend will automatically get the chance to get bonuses.

Now let’s find out, what bonus does Columbus Casino have for you within the promotion offer:

  • You can get $€40 to your account, if you win at least $€200 on any video slot.
  • Your friend will get guaranteed $€20 for making bets on video slots equal to $€80 in total.

Thus, all the above-mentioned requirements are completed, the player who sent the invitation will get free $€40 to his account with no wager imposed (wager =x0) and the invited player will get $€20 under the same conditions.

This means that the money you get can be withdrawn anytime without completing any additional wagering requirements or spent for your favorite games.

Great thing about the bonus is that you can invite as many players as you want. Of course, the more friends you invite, the more money you’ll get. The promotion offer is valid for absolutely every player. Money prizes will be credited to both players: the one who invited and the invited one will get money immediately after all the requirements are completed. This is to some extent a no deposit bonus offer.