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Big Blox video slot by Yggdrasil Gaming - review

Big Blox

There are so many undiscovered mysteries in the world, and it seems that the mankind will need more than hundred years to discover them. And it is all not about the outer space: a good example is the mystery of civilizations that fell into oblivion. No doubt one of such civilizations was the empire of Aztecs. Today people know little about this probably the most developed civilization of the beginning of the first millennium. It is known for certain that the culture and traditions played one of the most important roles in Aztecs life. Their civilization was related to the cultural complex known as nahua. Their heritage can be called a symbiosis of ancient traditions and neighbor cultures at a time. Aztecs gained knowledge from other peoples for a long time and adopted their valuable experience. The most significant effect on Aztects was made by the ancient Tolteks. Aztecs considered them the ancestors of their heritage, and the word “toltekayotl” in their language was the synonym for the word “culture”. Many myths about the creation of the world and deities were born based on their culture.

These were not only myths that Aztecs culture was rich in. They had their own language, they created their own writing system, and they respected the original work expressed in words (this was confirmed by lots of pictograms). Besides Aztecs honored poetry and even theatrical art; the majority of their plays were known to have a religious context. Sport also played a significant role in their lives: competitions with the ball were regularly held and even totalizers were made, where it was possible to put one’s freedom in the game. As you see, gambling was intrinsic to a man since times immemorial.

A famous Sweden company named Yggdrasil Gaming, engaged in the production of software for online casino, decided to animate the theme of this very rich ancient civilization again, and in August 2016 presented a video slot - Big Blox. You will have a unique opportunity to solve the undiscovered mysteries of the large empire that fell into oblivion. Good Aztec spirits and deities of ancient Indians in the form of game symbols will help you. Moreover, everybody knows that Aztecs possessed immense riches in the form of pure gold ingots and precious stones. But they can be found only by those who are brave and persistent, because now they are guarded by evil spirits. Will you become the owner of the ancient civilization riches, will you discover their mysteries and escape becoming a victim - everything depends upon you. Start Big Blox slot and get the luck!

Official video about Big Blox slot machine of Yggdrasil Gaming Company

Main Characteristics of Big Blox Slot

The acquaintance with the ancient culture of Aztecs will be on the play field consisting of 5 (five) reels and 3 (three) lines of symbol rows. Thus, the slot contains 15 cells of symbols. The game has a Big Blox features, as well as Wild substitutions.

The number of winning lines (ways to win, to be more exact) in the slot machine is equal to 243. In other words, any sequence from three to five symbols on each reel, starting from leftmost reel, will lead to payment. If one or several reels participating in the winning combination have two or three symbols, then a multiplier equal to this number is applied. Simple example: if the first reel contains one winning symbol, the second - 3, and the third - 2 symbols, the multiplier will be equal to 6 (1*3*2).

The value of rotation entry is changed via changing of “Coin Value” parameter (from 0.01 to 4.00). Thus each bet per spin can vary from 0.25 to 100 units of accounting currency.

The maximum win in the slot increases your bet by 3888 times, while the maximum win for the spin amounts €486,000 in money equivalent.

The main features of Big Blox slot machine by Yggdrasil Gaming

According to the team standing behind the video slot, the RTP index (Return to Player Rate) of the slot machine is set to 96.2%

Big Blox slot machine powered by Yggdrasil Gaming Coming - free play

Travelling in time and space and plunging into the lost civilization of Aztecs can be experienced not only by gaming at Big Blox slot for money, but also in its free mode. You do not even need to log in on the web site. Only one click on “Free play” button is enough, and you are already on the way to impenetrable forests of the Central America. The only thing that distinguishes the demo-version of Big Blox slot machine from the main one is the value of coins: in demo version you have not real, but play money. As for the rest, it’s the same video slot. Demo version will help you to understand the key moments of the game, as well as estimate its graphics and animation with no need to register or make real money deposits.

No deposit bonuses have been very popular with gamblers for a long time already. It is an excellent opportunity to try the game for real money without any risk to own funds. We prepared the best no deposit bonus offers for you from the most reliable online casinos.

Big Blox slot machine - design

The Infrastructure of Aztec Empire was one of the most developed ones at those times. One of the main holidays among for the ancient Indians, since the times of Maya, was the Day of the Dead. As you can see, the tradition to commemorate the dead originates from the long time ago. According to the scientists’ opinion, the rituals related to the veneration of the deceased took place even 2500-3000 years ago. During the holiday Mictlancihuatl was worshiped - the goddess of death. We also remember other several slots about the day of the dead: it is the other slot by Yggdrasil Gaming - Pumpkin Smash, as well as Grim Muerto slot machines by Play'n Go, and Esqueleto Explosivo by Thunderkick.

Design of Big Blox slot machine

After the loading of the slot machine the players are transferred to Mexican forests that conceal a lot of dangers. Right among the brush wood Aztecs constructed a whole theatre from the stones of different colors. The actors are not people, but idols from the skulls symbolizing the souls of the ancestors passed away. The idols are managed by the spirits, and it is they, who will show the player the way to the treasures left by Aztec tribes. Magic power provided in the Big Blox bonus feature will you to get it quicker. If the spirits are merciful to the player, they can shower him with the treasures of ancient Indians in one moment.

The colors of game play are also very successfully selected: they consist of mainly green, blue, grey and dark red color shades. We can say that the slot is very colorful and multi-faceted from the design point of view. Vivid picture will attract your attention from the first seconds of acquaintance with the machine. It is clearly seen that the designers of Yggdrasil Gaming Company highlighted the most seemingly insignificant things like leaves falling from the trees, but as you know - these are the details that create the perfection.

Design of Big Blox slot machine

The skulls made of bones and stones which are part of design elements and presented in the form of symbols do not scare, but on the contrary, attract by their awkward shapes and original combinations of the colors. The forest on the background looks like as if it’s thick, however the sunlight coming through it makes it bright and positive, and in general its view gives a favorable effect. The stones carefully arranged around and inside the game field undoubtedly will bring the most scrupulous perfectionist into exalt.

There are not many animation effects in the game, but all of them wonderfully complete all that is going on the screen. The animation has a special effect at the time of Big Blox feature operation and in the moments of winning combinations appear on the field. As for the music during the game, it can hardly be attributed to the ancient Indians, nevertheless the ambient sound brings… it brings a certain atmosphere and additional intrigue into the gaming process. When the reels begin rotation the music becomes more dynamic. The other sound effects are also beyond any complains.

Gaming process at Big Blox slot machine

Mobile Version of Big Blox slot machine by Yggdrasil Gaming

Today the development of mobile versions of slot machines becomes no less, and even more important than the promotion of desktop versions, because every day more and more gamblers prefer more convenient leisure time - playing video slot on mobile devices. All you need to do this are the sufficient battery level and stable Internet connection. Moreover, it is not required to search for the application to start the mobile version: it is enough simply to go to the official web site with the game the site with the game via mobile browser. Yggdrasil Gaming Company began to release mobile versions in 2013, and since then they only improve their products.

Mobile version of Big Blox slot machine is available on any platforms used by smart phones and tablets, including Blackberry and Kindle. As for game play, you will not notice any difference between the mobile version and the version for PC and laptops. When playing on your mobile device you will meet the same control panel, so you will not need to look for the location of this or that button in mobile version after playing on PC. Playing from the phone or tablet can be performed both in landscape and portrait modes (the second variant is even more convenient).

Mobile version of Big Blox video slot

Set of symbols in the game

All symbols in this game anyhow are related to the holiday, which is traditionally called the Day of the Dead (Spanish: Día de los Muertos). The ancestors of modern Mexicans often kept the real skulls of the deceased relatives at their home. They were often a part of various rituals as a special amulet against evil spirits, which were related to the celebration of the Day of the Dead and where they symbolized the death and the resurrection. But today, of course, the situation is quite different and nobody keeps the skulls and bones of the relatives at home, and more over do not take them outdoors to the streets. The skulls turned into more harmless things, and often very funny masks.

Totally the game has 9 symbols: 8 basic and one special.

The best paid symbols in the slot are four colorful masks in the form of red, violet, green and purple skulls. One combination of these skulls will guarantee wins from 15 to 400 coins.

The next four basic symbols already vaguely resemble the skulls and have more awkward shapes. They are presented in the form of card suits: hearts (red), spades (purple), clubs (green) and diamonds (blue). The combinations of these symbols bring smaller bonuses if comparing to symbol-masks, but they form winning combinations more often. All payments are made according to the paytable, which is provided at the end of this review or in the game itself.

Wild symbol

Wild symbol

The traditional Wild symbol will be the most desired symbol in the game for you. It is very easy to identify Wild symbol among the other symbols: it is depicted in the form of gold ingots and gold skull on top, and in the middle there are big letters - WILD. This symbol is designed to substitute for all other symbols in the game for making or extending the most profitable winning combinations. Wild symbols can also participate in Big Blox feature, and if you are lucky to see the block of 12 cells occupied by Wild symbols in the field (Big Block Wild up to 4x3), you get the guarantee of big win.

Big Blox bonus feature

Though the wining feature is only one in the slot, you will not need to wait for its activation, because it will be performed during each spin. It has the same name as the slot and probably the slot was called after this feature.

Each rotation of the reels will be accompanied by the appearance of the Big Block initially capturing four cells in the field. During the spin this block can extend up to complete filling of the reeland. In the middle of the block there will be any one of nine symbols, and all cells that were occupied by the block will be matching this symbol correspondingly. As for Wild symbols, their appearance on the first reel is excluded within Big Blox feature. Thus, the largest scheme for the block consisting of Wild symbols will be 4х3.

Big Blox bonus feature


Big Blox slot machine is definitely one of those slots that capture your attention from the first moments and do not let you go for a long time. May it have no bonus games, change of location and storyline, but all the same it can be called challenging and vivid. The atmosphere transferred by the graphics and animation is capable to attract the attention of any player, even the most experienced one. The other unquestionable advantage of this slot is Big Blox bonus feature, which can bring the player the maximum win of €486,000 (when playing at the highest stake).

If you want to try your fortune in search of countless treasures and are not afraid of evil spirits of ancient Indians, you can switch Big Blox slot on your PC/ laptop or mobile device. You can also play Big Blox slot for real money at one of the casino web sites provided below.