Top-10 of celebrity gamblers. Part 2

Top-10 of celebrity gamblers. Part 2

We continue and finish the list of Top-10 celebrities who love to spend their free time gambling. Cards, chips and gaming slots are among the hobbies of many actors and sportsmen.

Part 1 (with places 10 to 6) is available here

5 th place - Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt

This Hollywood actor is known not for his love to gambling but for opening his own casino. He and his friend George Clooney opened "Vegas Casino Complex" and invested several million dollars in it.

4th place - Tobey Maguire

Tobey Maguire

Actor who is known for his part in “Spiderman” movies is a master at Texas Hold’em and Omaha. Thanks to this he took first place in Hollywood Park Casino tournaments. Also in 2011 there was a game between Toby and Brad Rutherman with actor winning over $300,000.

3rd place - Matt Damon

Matt Damon

Matt got to know poker while “The Rounders” were shooting. Johnny Chan, who is a pro player, tough him basics. Many years have passed since the movie was released, though Damon still participates in tournaments and gives the money he won to charity.

2nd place - Ben Affleck

Affleck could be called the biggest gambling actor in Hollywood. He won Californian Poker Championships by staying ahead of 90 participants, among whom were aforementioned Tobey Maguire, Toby Pacheco and Stan Goldatein.

The actor also won over $800,000 playing blackjack. Actually, he won $150,000 more, but this was the tip to the dealer.

1st place - Hugh Hefner

Hugh Hefner

Is someone should be on the first place in our chart, this must be Hefner. The founder of the famous Playboy magazine loves gambling for money and other stuff. Including striptease. He also has his own casino in Las Vegas called "The Playboy Club & Fantasy Tower"