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Free spins Yes
Re-spin feature No
Bonus game Yes
Risk game No
Scatter symbol Yes
Wild symbol Yes
Progressive jackpot No
Autoplay option Yes
Cascading reels feature No

Blood Suckers II video slot by NetEnt - review

Blood Suckers II

People are constantly craving for new impressions and emotions. That’s the way the world wags and you can do nothing about it. And this is the exact reason why chilling stories about vampires and werewolves have been firing imagination of thousands of people all over the world through ages. Works of literature, movies, series and even computer games featuring “horror” genre give their fans energy boost and rush of emotions that players probably lack in their day-to-day lives. Today, horror genre penetrates with a great number of books, movies and series by the leading motion picture companies, computer games, which get more and more realistic each year; and all the new events and releases are followed by great fuss and hype among devotees of “gothic” genre. The most significant and prominent creations become iconic, so, therefore, you can expect people waiting for continuation. As the result, companies have to release sequels, which later also become legendary. This is the story of the Blood Suckers sequel - Blood Suckers II - the continuation of a legendary Blood Suckers slot machine, released in 2013, but extremely popular even today.

Blood Suckers II video slot was released on March 2, 2017; first it was an exclusive game for players from Betsafe Casino, Betsson Casino, MrSmith Casino and CasinoEuro. The game was officially launched at all the NetEnt casinos on October 12, 2017. Right after the slot appeared on iGaming market, many online gambling fans with great enthusiasm welcomed it.

The game developers managed to draw links to the first part of the Blood Suckers slot machine and, moreover, managed to make a sufficient contribution to the sequel in the form of cutting-edge graphic effects and animation, which present the well-loved theme in a completely new perspective.

Blood Suckers II: storyline

The footage of Blood Suckers II video slot is based upon the story of a female-vampire called Amilia. Amilia was once driven out of the castle of her ancestors by evil demons and vampire hunters, who also took over all the treasures of her family. But the brave Valkyrie decided to fight this injustice and, finally, after several years of long and exhausting training decided to take back everything belong rightfully to her. Armed with a crossbow and silver arrows, Amilia sets on a journey. But, as you’ve already guessed, Amilia desperately needs your help to fight the offenders. You’ll be taken to the dark Pennsylvanian woods to combat evil creature shoulder to shoulder with Amilia for once and always. And if you’re lucky enough, you’ll share all the untold wealth stored in the ancient castle.

The painstaking work of NetEnt team materialized into top notch graphic and sound effects along with breathtaking bonus game. And above all that, you won’t need to wait long for bonus features: the slot machine is very generous with big wins, so you’ll have a chance to get considerable winnings.

he official trailer for Blood Suckers II video slot by NetEnt

Blood Suckers II slot: main features

Similar to the first part of the Blood Suckers’ saga, the game field of Blood Suckers II slot machine consists of 5 (five reels) with 3 (three) rows of symbols, featuring 25 fixed bet lines.

Despite the fact, that the game itself is very simple and user-friendly, it has a lot of interesting bonus features, like Blood Rose Free Spins, Hidden Treasure Bonus Game and two random features: Bonus Shot Feature и Scatter Shot Feature. Also there are three special symbols: Scatter, Bonus and Wild.

Players will be offered two parameters to make changes to their bets for each spin during the game: the coins value and the number (the level) of coins for each line. Thus, your bet size may vary from 0,25$ to 250$ - such bet range will definitely appeal both to new unsophisticated players and high rollers.

Win combinations are formed according to the common slot machine scheme: all the symbol combinations are formed from left to right direction, starting from the leftmost reel. Each payable combination should include at least 3 common symbols or 2 special symbols (Scatter and Wild). Only the highest win per bet line is paid. All payouts are made according to the Paytable. The maximum win in the main game results in the following number of coins:

  • Main game: 12229 coins
  • Free Spins: 32460 coins
  • Bonus game: 16750 coins

The main features of Blood Suckers II slot machine by NetEnt

Like in many NetEnt video slots, the RTP (Return-To-Player) rate of Blood Suckers II slot machine is quite high and equals to 96,94%, which is a little bit less, than in the very first part (RTP of Blood Suckers slot machine is 97%)

Blood Suckers II video slot by NetEnt: play for free

No matter how interesting the video slot might seem, it might not be a very good idea to play for real money at once. Fortunately, most of the gambling software suppliers offer players to try games, evaluate their visual effects, features and symbols with no deposit/download/registration required. So, if after reading this review, you’ll have the desire to experience first-hand of top-notch Blood Suckers II video slot, we strongly recommend you to launch its demo-version. You’ll be given enough play money to learn and understand all the functions/features of the game and decide, whether to make deposits or not.

Apart from free demo-game, you can try another option: all the new casino clients are offered to try new slots for real money without any deposits. It is now possible thanks to no deposit casino bonuses in the form of free spins for registration or free no deposit money.

Blood Suckers II video slot: theme and design

If you try to compare the first part of Blood Suckers video slot and its sequel, you’ll see how many light years away from it ancestor is the new NetEnt creation. The game creators made a real breakthrough in the video slot development over the past years. First and foremost, these are drastic changes of graphic effects - Blood Suckers II video slot demonstrates the latest 3D technologies. As the result, the graphic and animation look vivid, rich and extremely realistic, which adds a lot to the sense of being there and feeling grip of reality.

Gaming process at Blood Suckers II slot machine

You’ll get your first adrenalin rush right after the launch of the game. It features the intro with the starting point of the storyline with the main character - Amilia - heading to the castle full of demons. Give Amilia her due, she is doing that damn spectacular. The female-vampire against the night town and full moon turns into a bat and storms over the fascinating landscapes of mysterious rivers and woods, full of evil spirits. Next comes the bright startup screen with the game logo against black background. When you finally see the castle, Amilia takes her true face and uses the magic sphere to make sure, no one is going to block her way to the palace.

Valkiriya Amilia

And here you’re, shoulder against shoulder with Amilia right in front of the castle entrance. The iron gate to the resident evil will open for you. And here’s where the true action begins!

The game is set within the walls of the sinister castle, which seems to be steeped in the depressing atmosphere forever. The video slot is designed mainly in gloomy grey colors, which array bejeweled columns, walls covered with Satanist symbols and the colossal image of the demon in the center. Young Amilia in a dark-crimson garment that shows off her lovely figure looks very eye-catching against the bottomless gloomy surroundings. However, you definitely won’t have heart to call her a shrinking violet despite very feminine face - cool-headed eyes expression and a crossbow in hands turn her in a real femme fatale. Throughout the gaming process she’ll be pushing you for action: winning combinations landing on the reels will be followed by her threatening hiss and waving of the hand, and before the launch of the bonus game the Vampiress will first hide behind the bat wings and then bounce into the secret chamber with a chilling cry. 3D effects add a lot of realism to the all the things happening on the screen.

The mysterious music seems to be coming from the underworld and spices the actions taking place on the screen. Thanks to sound effects, which are splendidly complementing the story, the whole gaming process gets even more intriguing and chilling. As for sound effects, it is safe to say that they are conjoining smoothly with the action on the screen.

Another important thing to mention is pleasant and yet very simple interface of the control panel, which is for 100% designed accordant to slot theme and therefore looks very seamlessly.

Blood Suckers II: mobile version

Mobile versions of slot machines have recently started gaining momentum. Game on mobile devices start to engrain everyday lives of many online casino users. Thanks to the cutting-edge NetEnt Touch Game technology you can enjoy the gaming process to the maximum even without access to your desktop. All you need are smartphone, enough battery charge and of course, sustainable Internet connection.

You will not notice any difference between mobile and desktop versions of Blood Suckers II video slot. The only difference visible lies in the interface structure - all the changes were introduced for sake players’ comfort only. Thus, in the mobile version you’ll find the “Spin Button” moved to the right side of the screen (in game setting you can change it to left - especially convenient for left-handed players), and some buttons transferred to the menu bar. If speaking about bonus games, graphic and sound effects - all these things were left untouched for Blood Suckers II mobile version for touchscreens. The mobile version of the slot is very easy to test - all you need is open the following page with the game review on your mobile device (smartphone/tablet) and launch a demo-version. Or, alternatively, you can open Blood Suckers II mobile in any online casino.

Mobile version of Blood Suckers II video slot

Blood Suckers II: symbols

Symbols in the game completely fit the Vampire theme. Apart from 4 symbols with images of evil vampires, you’ll see 4 symbols with card suits, designed in the form of gem stones of different colors. All these symbols combine win combination on the active bet lines.

The game also features 3 special symbols with different functions. If you press “i” button on the toolbar, you’ll see a Paytable for all the symbols. Or else you can also find the same table in the end of the following review.

Wild Symbol

Wild symbol

The Wild Symbol can be identified by big red WILD letters in the background.

Like in the majority of video slots, Wild Symbols are mainly used to substitute other symbols and make the most profitable winning combos. Wild symbols can appear both during the main game and bonus features. Keep in mind, that Wild symbols cannot substitute Scatter and Bonus symbols. Wild symbols can also make their own combinations, which guarantee wins from 5 to 10 000 coins.

Scatter symbol

Scatter symbol

The scatter symbol is designed in the form of a spiraliform rose stem with three red flowers on it, winding round the gem stone.

The Scatter Shot Feature can be activated if two Scatter symbols land on the reels. If this feature is activated, one extra Scatter symbol can result in a 10 Blood Rose free spins round.

Scatter Symbols not only trigger Scatter Shot feature, but also bring extra value in the main game and in Blood Rose Free Spins game: 2 or more symbols appearing anywhere on the reels award coin win. For example, 5 (five) Scatter symbols will reward you with 2500 coins. Scatter Symbols are also an important part of Hidden Treasure Bonus Game.

Bonus symbol

Bonus symbol

This symbol can take you to the mini bonus Game. It looks like an opening door leading to a secret room with a bright-blue illumination. To get you here, you need to have 3 or more bonus symbols on successive reel during the main game. If the bonus feature is activated, be ready to test your fate in the mini Hidden Treasure Bonus Game. Unlike Scatter and Wild Symbols, combinations of Bonus Symbols are not paid.

Blood Suckers II: bonus features

Of course, NetEnt developers simply couldn’t deprive you of the opportunity to take part in interesting and fascinating bonus game, which can also result in huge wins! Moreover, the video slot also offers a bonus Free Spin round, which can substantially increase your bankroll.

Hidden Treasure Bonus Game

Activating Hidden Treasure Bonus Game

As we’ve already mentioned before, three Bonus symbols on the reel during the main game trigger the Bonus Game. But, there’re some points:

  • If the game started with 4 (four) Bonus symbols, all the wins will be doubled;
  • If the game was activated by 5 (five) Bonus symbols (one Bonus symbol on each reel), all the wins will be tripled;
Hidden Treasure Bonus Game - is a treasure hunting game, based on the ‘pick ‘n click’ principle. The mini game has 5 levels, 5 option each. The game is also interactive (players are directly involved in the gaming process).

After the mini-game intro, you’ll find yourself in a burial chamber. Your task will be to open the coffins and colorful chests on the floor with hidden treasures an key to secret rooms, like this one.

Hidden Treasure Bonus Game at Blood Suckers II slot machine

The main features of the game are as follows:

  • Chest and coffins may also hide Scatter Symbols apart from treasures. Thus, 3 Scatter Symbols collected during the mini-game trigger another bonus feature - 10 Blood Rose free spins.
  • Apart from the Key symbol, Scatter symbol money prize, chests and coffins may contain the Symbol of Demon. This symbol will finish the bonus game for you and credit all the winnings to your account.
  • If you find a Key Symbol, you’ll be teleported to another secret chamber, the game level will increase along with the value of the rewards and risk to be caught by the demon.

Hidden Treasure Bonus Game

If you are lucky enough to get the Key Symbol during the last 5th round, you’ll be awarded the Great Treasure Win of 1000 coins multiplied by the bet level.

The maximum win in coins at Hidden Treasure Bonus Game equals to 16750.

Blood Rose Free Spins

Activating Blood Rose Free Spins round

3 or more Scatter symbols landed on the reels, activate 10 Blood Rose Free Spins round. Blood Rose Free Spins are played at the same bet level and coin value as the round that would activate Blood Rose Free Spins. During the Free Spin feature, all your wins will be enhanced by the x3 Multiplier.

Moreover, if you have at least 3 Scatter Symbols during your Free Spin round, you’ll be additionally given another 10 Blood Rose Free Spins.

Free Spins at Blood Suckers II slot machine

Random bonus features

As you’ve probably already notice, Amilia has another magic super power. Apart from turning into a bat and moving with a speed of lightning, Amelia can trigger Scatter Shot Feature with her crossbow. This feature gives you additional chance to activate Hidden Treasure Bonus Game or Blood Rose Free Spins by adding extra Scatter or Bonus symbol on the reels. This random feature looks very eye-catching that’s for sure: the Valkerie destroys a sphere, held tight by a bat, and reveals special symbol, which lands on the reels.

Scatter Shot Feature

During the main game, players can activate two Scatter Features: Bonus Shot Feature or Scatter Shot Feature. Below we’ll give detailed information about each of them.

Scatter Shot Feature

This is how this feature works:

The Scatter Shot Feature can be activated if two Scatter Symbols land on the reels, resulting in one extra Scatter symbol being dished out, 10 Blood Rose Free Spins round will be activated. The difference between common Free Spins round and the one triggered by Shot Feature is that all medium win symbols (the ones with vampires) on the reels during the Scatter Shot Feature will be awarded coin wins of 10 to 100 times the bet level.

Bonus Shot Feature

During Bonus Shot Feature one extra Bonus symbol lands on reel 1, 2 or 3, which increases your chances to trigger Hidden Treasure Bonus Game.


2017 can be rightly called game-changing for the gambling software industry. Blood Suckers II video slot is a living proof for that. Excellent 3D graphics, amazing animation and chilling sound effects will immerse you in the world full of mythical creatures and paranormal phenomena.

The image of brave and yet very pretty female-vampire called Amilia adds some spice to the game. True women’s lovers will definitely appreciate her character during the gaming process. Moreover, Amilia will try to help you during the game by activating random features. Throughout the game you’ll definitely have the sense of reality (or at least the feeling of being a part of the best modern computer game). Besides, you’ll get an adrenalin rush from the abrupt and sometimes unexpected changes of the storyline.

And of course, the main advantage of Blood Suckers II video slot is the abundance of features and bonuses. Free Spins, original bonus round and additional features will make the gaming process even more fascinating. And finally, high RTP rate is another “thumbs up!” for the right choice of the game.

With all these strengths, it’s all odds, that Blood Sucker II slot machine can beat the success of popular Dracula slot machine.

By the way, below you can find the list of online casinos where you can play the Blood Suckers slot II slot from NetEnt for real money or for free.